There are so many weak characters, but I select some of the 19 Weakest Characters in Anime History!

So let’s find out the weakest anime character, and maybe you will see some unfamiliar faces.

XERX LUGNER (Black Clover)

19 Weakest Characters in Anime History!

The Purple Orcas’ vice-captain, Xerx, is hardly frequently seen. We are aware of his ability to use his grimoire to control ice abilities. Still, Zora Ideale of the Black Bulls confronts him about it after discovering him harassing an older woman.

Even though Xerx is a vice-captain, he fights Zora and loses so fast that we are only able to see him knocked down against a wall. While Zora is skilled in using magic, he isn’t very powerful and often relies on a thorough understanding of a battlefield to prevail. The fact that Xerx could not defeat him despite his superiority speaks poorly of his strength.

Yamcha (Dragon Ball Z)

19 Weakest Characters in Anime History!

Yamcha would still be a serious threat to many characters, but keep in mind that I’m also considering the context of the universe in which they exist and how they compare to the other characters on this list. Being ten indicates he’s still the most powerful figure in this situation because we’re proceeding in ascending order!

Unfortunately, Yamcha has been somewhat of a laughing stock among Dragonball Z fans for quite some time as a result of his death and subsequent uselessness in the first few episodes of the series.

Although Yamcha has some martial skills and initially seems to be quite a problem in the original Dragon Ball manga, the later chapters emphasize how weak he is compared to many of the Saiyans and villains featured therein.

Kazuichi Banjo (Tokyo Ghoul)

19 Weakest Characters in Anime History!

A charming but uninteresting ghoul is Kazuichi Banjo. Tokyo Horror In the original Tokyo Ghoul narrative, Kazuichi Banjo is a minor character who helps demonstrate how all ghouls are supernatural carnivores. Not all of them are monsters at heart.

The antihero, Ken Kaneki, and rough man Banjo get along well because of their mild and caring personalities.

Takemichi Hanagaki (Tokyo Revengers)

Weakest Characters in Anime

Takemichi Hanagaki from Tokyo Revengers is a really unimpressive protagonist. He undoubtedly behaves differently than the protagonist is supposed to, and he doesn’t do so in a positive way. Instead, Takemichi is a huge whiner who constantly receives blows from the other characters.

Even though Takemichi is intended to be the protagonist, he ends up being the one who is saved by everyone else. Takemichi is disappointed because he lacks the mental toughness to make up for his physical weakness.

Iruka Umino (Naruto)

Iruka is a wise and compassionate ninja who was almost like an uncle to Naruto. Despite the fact that the young man had broken the law by taking the scroll of shadow, Iruka risked his life to defend the young man.

I feel he and Sasuke are the only ones who are like family to naruto since the beginning of the story. Still, we can also include sakura, Kakashi, and Jiraiya.

Iruka Umino, the strict but fair instructor at Naruto’s academy, is another character from the Anime that needs a strength increase. Since its debut, it has been a “mediocre” chunin.

Mumen Rider (One Punch Man)

Mumen Rider strikes me as a kind man. This man has a heroic attitude and a heart of gold. Yet, despite the obstacles, Mumen Rider never quits up.

He is one of the weakest characters and weakest heroes, and that’s why he is on this weak anime characters list. I feel maybe the weakest Character.

He is still a C-rank Hero and a member of the Hero’s Organization without special abilities. Mumen Rider may be physically frail, but he undoubtedly has extraordinarily strong willpower, in addition to superb bike abilities and a lot of courtesy.

Mumen Rider makes up for his lack of physical power with a resolve to uphold morality at a tremendous personal sacrifice. Even Saitama himself lacks drive compared to Mumen Rider.

Honoka Takamiya (Witch Craft Works)

Honoka is a second-year student at Tongetsu Academy, a workshop for witches in a world populated by witches. He doesn’t have any significant abilities, mediocre grades, and neither speed nor strength. He can only remain secure in a witches’ realm because of Ayaka.

Ayaka, a fire witch, has been keeping Honoka safe in secret as part of her purpose. Honoka has a vast power within him that has been hidden. It is revealed later in the series.

Yukiteru Amano (Future Diary)

As a keeper of a Future Diary, Yukiteru is required to participate in a battle royale against other holders. Yukiteru, on the other hand, doesn’t have many advantages. He isn’t the strongest or wisest person and develops deep emotional attachments.

Yuno Gasai is the only thing keeping Yukitru alive in this final struggle. Another Dairy Holder, Yuno, is extremely fixated on Yukieru and would stop at nothing to protect him.

Buggy (one-piece)

One of the first significant antagonists in One Piece, Buggy, also known as Buggy The Star Clown, is the commander of the Buggy Pirates. In addition to Luffy, Buggy was one of the first people to wield Devil Fruit Power. The buggy can divide his body into parts because of his abilities.

Buggy was extremely mediocre and feeble in comparison to other Devil Fruit users since, unlike Luffy, his potential power never fully developed into what it could have been.

Minoru Mineta (My Hero Academia)

Mineta is a promiscuous student at U.A. High School who is pursuing a career as a pro-hero.

Pop-Off is the name of Mineta’s Quirk. He can remove the balls from his head thanks to this power. These balls have a quick growth rate and vary in stickiness.

Since his Quirk isn’t particularly beneficial and Mineta has a timid disposition, he is one of the worst characters at U.A. overall since he panics in stressful situations.

Ichiya’s Magic (Fairy Tail)

The “ace” of the Blue Pegasus Guild and the captain of The Trimes is Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki. With the use of his magic, Ichiya may employ fragrances to his advantage and that of an adversary. Ichiya, despite being the “ace,” is one of Fairy Tail’s and even his guild’s weakest characters.

Ichiya lacks the power and abilities need to compete at close quarters since his scent magic is more potent. Furthermore, people believe Ichiya is more of a comedic figure than a powerful one.

Dimple (Mob Psycho 100)

Prior to being exorcised by the Mob, Dimple was a strong upper-class evil spirit. However, he was overpowered by Mob. Dimple lost most of his powers and was severely depleted after being conquered.

Dimple now accompanies Mob everywhere in a very lesser form. Even Mob’s instructor, Reigen Arataka, said Dimple was too frail for him to notice and likened him to an insect clinging to Mob’s shoulder.

Hawk (Seven Deadly Sins)

Hawk is a talking pig who travels with Meliodas and possesses several important skills. First off, Hawk has a keen sense of smell and can detect foes and pick up magical characteristics from everything he consumes. He is essentially just helpful for that.

Hawk in Seven Deadly Sins is the least adept in close-quarters combat. Despite his strong exterior, anybody who opposes him will undoubtedly prevail.

Kon (Bleach)

Kon is an Underpod, or more accurately, a Modified Soul, and most of the time, he appears as a stuffed lion. He is at his weakest when he is in the stuffed lion shape, and it doesn’t help that this is the form he has used the most frequently throughout the series since Ichigo likes to torture Kon.

Kon has a tremendously arrogant mentality and frequently refers to himself as the King Of New York despite his considerable weakness.

Magikarp (Pokémon)

Magikarp is a water Pokémon that resembles a fish and is frequently disregarded due to its lack of effectiveness in combat. It is the focus of poor jokes made by Pokémon enthusiasts.

It makes sense that Pokémon fans would make fun of the Magikarp by making weak jokes about its lack of power and speed. Gyarados, the Magikarp’s evolved form, is given to fans who put up with the Magikarp’s flaws.

Mr. Satan (Dragon Ball)

Mr. Satan from Dragon Ball Z is another figure that is the target of crude jokes made by their fans. Although Mr. Satan is the Protector of Earth and the World Martial Arts Champion, his weakness is what fans most associate him with.

Mr. Satan is stronger than the average person on Earth, but the Saiyans are a whole different matter. The fact that Mr. Satan is also a pretty cowardly person doesn’t help.

Chopper (One Piece)

One of One Piece’s primary characters is Chopper. He is a crucial member of the Straw Hats and the crew’s physician. Even though people find Chopper worthless, he is a really charming character.

Describing the crew doctor is exceedingly tough. But thus far in the series, Chopper hasn’t had any notable moments. He is not regarded as fantastic because he doesn’t get into large battles, but he performs his fundamental duties really well.

Chiaotzu (dragon ball)

As we all know, if we adopt Chiaotzu’s estimated age from the Daizenshuu, he was 610 when he passed away. Multiplying that power level by the growth rate would give him a strong reading of exactly 19,996.

Chiaotzu is undoubtedly one of Dragon Ball’s weaker combatants, and we must acknowledge him. He gained considerable kudos for opposing Vegeta and Nappa when they initially landed on Earth.

Although his strike doesn’t even touch the Saiyan, Chiaotzu made a significant sacrifice for his teammates when he blew himself up for the rest of the Z Fighters to destroy Nappa.

Yuga Aoyama (My Hero Academia)

The naval laser from Aoyama has a variety of uses. By lying on his back and directing his beam outward, it may be not only a lethal missile but also a signal for his teammates.

He uses this Quirk excessively, though, and unlike Momo or Ashido, he becomes extremely sick. In addition, he couldn’t manage it without the help of his belt.

Given that losing his support equipment on the battlefield would mean certain death for him, this is a serious shortcoming. Unfortunately, he hasn’t had to deal with this option too often due to his timidity.


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Mr. Satan From Dragon Ball Z


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