8 things to learn from The Naruto anime

Stick to someone who is always right for you, like naruto and Hinata

Trust Your Instincts like naruto solved the land of birds mission with Neji and TenTen.

Rock lee Teaches us to Know Your Strengths and Your Weaknesses.

The Brightest Smiles May Hide The Most Pain when naruto feels doubtful or fearful; He never stops smiling.

We learn from Konohamaru's grandson of 3rd Hokage that he realizes the importance of hard work to be a ninja. This means there Are No Shortcuts to accomplishing your goals.

As naruto changes, Nagato gives us a lesson of Redemption Is Always Possible.

As naruto, the weakest kid in the class, becomes Hokage, that proves this line No Dream is Too Big to Achieve

When Sasuke is on his darkest path, Naruto tries his best to make him see the light. As a result, we should never give up on our friends.