All You Need To Know About Asta - Black Clover

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His mother's name is Richita, but his father's identity has not been revealed.

Noelle is asta girlfriend as she Confesses She Loves Asta.

Due to asta shared mother, Liebe and Asta are brothers.

Asta Posseces 3 swords Demon Slayer, Demon Dweller, and Demon Destroyer sword

Asta's most powerful foam is Black Asta which helps him to use anti-magic techniques.

By manipulating anti-magic, Asta can fly on the demon slayer sword like a hover.

Asta was born in the Clover Kingdom under Forsaken Realm.

His full name is Asta Staria.

While using anti-magic, Asta's right arm is not permanent.

Asta is a 3rd class magic knight & a rare five-leaf clover grimoire.