Chibi Anime Series You need to Watch!!!

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This anime is all about rock lee, the one and only true ninja, & there are no nine trails in the series.

Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals

Chibi Anime #1

It is a story about Fumizuki Academy students where a smart student will have more battle skills, which taught us that hard work doesn't always work.

Chibi anime #2

Baka and Test

The story revolves around how the characters overcome hardships and reach their goals, and this series blends fantasy with suffering.


Re: Zero Chibi Anime series

This anime is the chibi version of AOT, where they have to fight against titans who threaten the entire world.


Attack on Titan- Junior High

This is the newest chibi anime. The Bungo Stray Dogs back spinoff pits Atsushi Nakajima of the Armed Detective Agency against Ryunosuke Akutagawa of the Port Mafia.


Koro-sensei Quest!