#10. San

San is a character from Mononoke Hime, a wolf girl known as Princess Mononoke, and she is the main character.

#9. Mikasa Ackerman

In Attack On Titans, Mikasa is the lead character and one of the members of the Survey Corps.

#8. Ringo

Ringo-chan is a 13-year-old character from the daily life of high school boys. She is a student at Sanada East High & president of their Student Council.

#7. Amagai Kosame

She is a character from the Mahou Shoujo Site. A 13 years old girl is a mysterious magical girl who helps aya to fight with aliens.

#6. Clare

In the anime Claremore, Clare is a female character and the hero of the claymore. She looks beautiful with short hair.

#5. Faye Valentine

From Cowboy Bebop, Faye is a 77-year-old woman, but she still looks like a 23-years-old girl with short purple hair, which makes her more attractive.

#4. Kosaki Onodera

The main character from the Nisekoi anime. Kosaki has short black shiny hair, and her character is a savage badass type.

#3. Uzaki Hana

In Uzaki Chan Wants To Hang-out anime show Hana is the bustiest anime girl with short grey hair.

#2. Yukari Yukino

From Garden Of Words, Yukino is a 27-years-old literature teacher in High school. She loved bonding with his school student when she met him in the garden.

#1. Nami

Nami is from One Piece. who steals the pirate‚Äôs money, which is courageous. She is a slim young girl with short orange hair and brown eyes.

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