One Punch Man's powerful characters & its abilities

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Through his cyborg physiology, Gones has incredible physical strength and can fire energy beams to destroy a giant meteor at one short.


Fubuki is psychokinesis and can defend against an attack from a dragon-level mysterious being.

Mumen rider

Mumen rider is a c-class hero. Despite angry grandpa's resistance to gunfire, he was able to damage it.

Atomic Samurai

Atomic Samurai is a formidable swordsman who can cut 100 enemies with each strike.


He can travel at the speed of sound and continuously jumps into the air to throw multiple explosive shurikens at his enemies.


Her power is unmatched. Geryuganshoop can't match her psychokinetic output.

Child Emperor

He has Physical Abilities and great reflexes to block attacks. He was able to fight a jumping spider with his backpack, which sometimes 2 A-class heroes could not do.

Amai Mask

When Amai mask was a monster, he had the power to defeat a dragon-level monster with one hit.


Saitama has an immeasurable amount of strength and the power to defeat monsters and villains with a single punch.