28 Of The Prettiest White Hair Anime Girls To Ever Star On TV

There is nothing more enchanting than a young white hair anime girl.

That’s why we came up with a list so that you can also learn more about their exquisite beauty.

So, sit back, relax and get ready as we take a look at the most attractive women in all of anime.


            Top 28 White Hair Anime Girl

1. Alice Nakiri – Food Wars

Alice’s crimson eyes combined with her long silver hair give her the number one spot on our list.

As she inherited her extraordinary beauty from her mother, she soon developed a strong sense of pride in being a part of the reputable Nakiri family

2. Tomoyo Sakagami – Clannad

Although she might seem as terrifying as if she is the bully in her class, in reality, she has a very kind heart which is only a small part of her soft side.

Her sky blue eyes and emotionless expressions suggest that she is a Kuudere. Surprisingly, she is also the strongest warrior amongst her friends.

3. Najenda – Akame Ga Kill

You would think the leader of a group of deadly assassins would be a meanie.

But in reality, she has a great sense of humor that is only rivaled by her majestic body. Her military experience has made her people sometimes refer to her as a “Hunk”

4. Neferpitou – Hunter x Hunter

Neferpitou is as loyal as a soldier can ever be.

But the most captivating thing about this young woman is that she is actually a Chimera ant with the body and personality of a feline.

Her cat ears and red eyes give off the appearance of somebody destined to be an anime character

5. Mabui – Naruto Shippuden

The most alluring dark-skinned woman on this list is none other than the dazzling Mabui.

While being the secretary of the mighty Raikage, she was able to use her special technique which made her an extremely helpful companion to keep around all the time.

6. Lisanna Strauss – Fairy Tail

Lisanna is a super-cute petite girl who has a brilliant fashion sense that makes her look even prettier than she already does thanks to her short, white hair and light blue eyes.

The reason all her friends love her is because of her ability to make friends and adjust to almost everyone around her.

7. Koneko Toujou – High School DxD

Her bedazzling gold eyes make her impossible to resist.

In fact, she is so attractive that the very handsome Issei chose her as his fiancee even though Koneko shot many insults at him when they first met each other.

She also has a Nekomata form which grants her supernatural powers alongside cat-like ears and a tail.

8. Kiriko Shikishima – Denpa Kyoushi

Kiriko is a devout follower of the maid appearance and dresses herself to look the same.

Her maid outfit is made to look even more appealing thanks to her white hair which can also look blonde at the same time.

What makes her a brilliant coffee shop maid is her alluring friendliness and never-ending kindness.

 9. Isla – Plastic Memories

Being one of the most prodigious marksmen in her family, she lacked all sorts of emotion in order to excel at her craft.

Fans fell in love with her after she finally began to express happiness after dating the love of her life, Tsukasa.

Her never-ending desire to make Tsukasa happy makes her the best partner one could ever have.

10. Kanade Tachibana – Angel Beats

Known as Angel by the Battle Front, her beauty knows no limits and makes her one of the hottest petite girls on this list.

Her overwhelming intelligence allows her to create devices that make gunshots feel painless to her. She has long snow white hair that runs up to her waist and Kanade also has beguiling gold eyes.

11. Noire – Hyperdimension Neptunia

Can you ever get enough of tsunderes?

Noire is as tsundere as an anime character can ever get. Even though she appears to be rude to her compatriots, her heart always knows where it needs to be whenever she is to take decisive action.

In her Goddess Form, her slender yet curvaceous figure is further exposed due to her dark grey tank top.

12. Mayu – Selector Infected Wixoss.

Mayu perfectly resembles a fairy with beautiful blonde-ish white hair that ends below her waistline.

This fairylike appearance is further described thanks to her sleeveless white dress. Her tantrums make her look like a child at times.

This is proven true as Mayu is only comfortable with people she can control.

13. Ulith (L-RIG) from Selector Infected Wixoss

One of the very few characters in anime to have Purple eyes, Ulith has fair skin with short white hair.

Quite contrary to her innocent appearance, she has sociopathic tendencies and has no problems hurting someone who enrages her.

Surprisingly, she actually possessed purple hair which was seen during a flashback

14. Kazuki Kazami – The Fruit of Grisaia

Kazuki is definitely the most genius petite woman to ever feature in an Anime. Her delicate body gives the notion that she is a weak person.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth as she always forces herself to be as strong as humanly possible to protect her younger brother from the cruelties of this world.

15. Nao Tomori – Charlotte

Nao is probably the only character on this list to have deep gray hair that can also look blonde at the same time.

Her yellow bow tie and gigantic blue eyes give off a doll-like appearance that makes lots of anime fans love her to death.

16. Index Librorum Prohibitorum – Toaru Majutsu no Index

Although Index has a chopping board chest, she is still superbly attractive thanks to her huge green eyes and her long white grayish hair which magically runs down to her thighs.

This lovely demeanor is further realized because of her nun outfit which is equipped with gold highlights.

She also possesses the strongest memory capabilities of any anime character on this list because of her ability to effortlessly memorize grimoires.

17. Irisviel Von Einzbern – Holy Grail

Irisviel is the chosen wife of the famous mage-killer Kiritsugu Emiya. In her castle, she prefers to wear a stunning white gown that contains traces of gold as well.

While initially, she knew very little of human emotion, her humanlike emotions began to grow tremendously stronger after marrying Kiritsugu and giving birth to a child whom she deeply cares about.

18. Laura Bodewig – IS: Infinite Stratos

Her appearance is highly enchanting as one of her eyes is actually gold.

And, the other: red. Laura is a very petite woman and her loveliness is even more apparent because of her cat trousers and her doll-like appearance.

19. Chaika Trabant – The Coffin Princess

Nobody could ever forget how Chaika looks.

Her strikingly dark eyebrows combined with her purple eyes give her a breathtaking look. But that’s not all, her compassion and strong distaste of violence make her very peaceful and bright.

20. Alka – Blade and Soul

Alka is an emotionless assassin with short straight white hair, pale skin, and blue eyes.

Although she is ruthless, her curvaceous figure once lured a boy to peek at her while she took a shower. After facing extreme tragedy at the hands of a merciless assailant, she now plans to take revenge.

21. Anna Kushina – K Project

Is there anyone more kawaii than Anna?

A doll-like girl with dazzling white silvery hair and crimson-colored eyes is truly a spectacle to behold. Her left eye includes her HOMRA insignia.

What’s shocking about Anna is that she is described as emotionless but in reality, she has to use her powers to lock up her strong emotion so that she doesn’t harm anyone.

22. Fremy Speeddraw – Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Fremy Speeddraw

The Saint of Gunpowder – Fremy Speeddraw is an exceptionally formidable warrior although she has the demeanor of a diminutive young woman.

She usually acts mistrustful towards others and is not fond of other people due to a terrible tragedy during her childhood.

23. Mirajane Strauss – fairy tail

A stunning model who needs few words to describe her immense beaKokounny thing is, when she was young, her people used to call her a “demon” but that changed after the death of her younger sister.

She is now compassionate, loving, and charming to all her friends. 

24.Koko Hekmatyar-Arms Dealer

You won’t find a more business-minded white hair anime girl than Koko Hetmeryar.

Even though she is a renowned arms dealer, she always likes to stay pretty by maintaining her long white hair.

She is a slim figured woman with pale skin and eyes that are blue.

Her best trait is that she cares deeply about her bodyguards and would risk her life for them.

25. Eucliwood Hellscythe – Kore WaZombie Desu Ka?

Similar to many characters on this list, Eu also has an appearance that is very hard to forget.

Eu can be seen wearing a sturdy suit of armor and a metallic helmet that is designed to control her monstrous powers.

She is a necromancer who has the power to rule Earth, but instead, she prefers to live peacefully with her friends.

26. Tama – Selector Infected Wixoss

Tama is one of the most special anime girls with white hair on this list because she not only has silver hair, she also has majestic silver eyes.

She wears a tremendously adorable sailor fuku as her school attire. Tama resembles an infant as she prefers to make baby-like sounds that are usually described as squawking.

Funnily, she also makes cat-like sounds.

27. Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois – Dog Days

Leonmitchelli, or Leo, is a teenager who is also the princess of the Galette lion territory. Leo has long white hair that ends at her waistline.

What makes her super cute is the cat ears that she loves to wear. Her yellow-colored eyes and tiny fangs give her the appearance of a small teddy bear.

Leo used to be a very friendly young princess, but later she became quite terrifying after waging multiple wars on the people of Biscotti.

28. Kanna – Inuyasha

Kanna with her dark black eyes and her amazing white hair give off the expression that she is just a nice human to have around.

Frequently Asked Questions

What anime has white hair colors?

There are lots of anime that have girls with white hair. Some of them are Fairy Tail, Selector Infected Wixoss, Clannad, and many more. Read our list if you would to know more.

What top anime girls has silver hair?

You can find a girl with silver hair in the anime named Toaru Majutsu no Index. Her name is Index Librorum Prohibitorum.

What anime has a guy with white hair?

The most popular white hair anime character is Inuyasha who has hair that runs up to his thigh.

Who is the white hair anime girl ?

There are many white hair girls in anime. Some of them are ‘Noire the Goddess’, Mayu, Mirajane Strauss, etc. Know more about white hair anime girl by reading our list.

Why do people’s hair turn white in anime?

They are just born that way! But in some animes such as Hyperdimension, the characters transform into a body that has wavy white hair.

What anime has a girl with GREY hair?

Index Librorum Prohibitorum from Toaru Majutsu no Index


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