This is the list of 35 white hair anime girls.

There aren’t too many white-haired anime heroines since multicolored hair is more common for female characters.

Let’s make a list of the top anime females with white hair, and let me know who your favorite white-haired anime girl is in the comments.

Let’s use your votes to rank the top female anime characters with white hair.

Eri From My hero academia

35 white hair anime girls
35 white hair anime girls

Eri is a small girl with tangled, unmanageable bluish-off-white hair that reaches almost to her waist.

With white hair, she is among the youngest anime girls.

She has brilliant red eyes that are incredibly wide and innocent-looking. A little brown horn protrudes from the right side of her forehead, which becomes larger when her Quirk is triggered.

She’s wearing a basic, short-sleeved dress in a dingy, pale tan tone at her initial appearance. Bandages are placed over her arms and legs, stopping at her wrists and ankles, revealing countless scars beneath them.

Her innocent personality will take your heart away, and also she is one of the most important characters for a further season in my hero academia.

Eri’s clothing is altered to a white dress shirt with a frilled neck and a simple crimson pinafore with two huge, golden buttons on either side of her breast once she is taken in by U.A.

She’s wearing grey tights, a wide pair of brown boots underneath, and a little dark red messenger bag with a floral pattern on one of its sides that she drapes over her right shoulder.

Her hair also appears to be in better shape than it was during her tenure with the Shie Hassaikai, appearing straighter and neater.

Najenda From Akame ga kill

35 white hair anime girls

If I’m being honest, Najenda could have done nothing for the whole course of the program, and I would still love her. 

I’m not sure if it’s because of her design, which screams “alpha female badass energy,” or because of her horrible jokes, but I adored the character long before she ever touched a machine.

So you can imagine my fanboy delight when she was granted the ability to swing about, albeit in an unusual manner. Going Inspector Gadget on occasion was simply the cherry on top.

One of the killer anime girls with white hair.

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She is one of the white head females on this list who are really dangerous and can kill you anytime they wish to, no matter how strong you are, a human being.

Akiho Kosaka From My Girlfriend is Sho-bitch

35 white hair anime girls

Because Akiho has little prior experience with personal relationships, she tends to overthink the situation in her anxiousness.

She has a propensity for casually addressing sexual subjects, which her mother instilled in her from an early age.

She is one heck of a girlfriend who takes everything to the par level of seriousness, and she is one of the most popular girls in the school, and she looks so dam hot and cute at the same time wearing her school uniform.

Overall the anime is a nice romantic comedy that you can watch for timepass because it shows how you can learn about love.

Togame From Katanagatari

35 white hair anime girls

Togame is a small woman who frequently pretends to be physically weak. Her hair was once black, and her eyes were crimson. After witnessing her father’s murder, she altered her look.

She has waist-length white hair, and she is the main character.

Her hair became white, and whenever she plots. The eye that witnessed the crime through the doorway gap transforms into a purple serpent.

Neferpitou From Hunter x Hunter

35 white hair anime girls

To be honest, I really hate this anime girl, but she is still one of the most loyal warriors to his king and one of the most important parts of hunter x hunter.

Neferpitou had the appearance of a humanoid cat with wavy white hair.

Yellow and white hair covered their cat-like ears and tails, respectively. They possessed ruby-red eyes and insect-like knees with defined joints.

Alka From Blade and Soul

35 white hair anime girls

When I first heard the name Alka, I assumed it was an Indian name as there are many females named Alka in India, but when I met her, dammit, I fell in love with her right away.

She is the main character of the blade and soul, and her short silver-white hair gives her a really great look according to her style, and she is dangerous, trust me.

Alka is the protagonist of the Blade & Soul anime series. Alka is the last remaining member of the Sword Clan, and she is on a mission to avenge her master.

Uni From Black Heart

35 white hair anime girls

Uni is much friendlier and perkier than her sister, despite the fact that they both seem virtually identical. When compared to Neptune and Noire, her connection with Nepgear is a lot better initially.

She is a tsundere, like her sister, and says stuff like, “I guess I’ll allow you.” Because of their opposing personalities, she and her sister may get into a lot of disputes.

Uni appears to take pride in her fighting and is often seen practicing karate with a nervous/worried Nepgear in her spare time or learning how to take over Lastation.

As seen in one of the ending images. She is seen practicing karate with a nervous/worried Nepgear or doing sit-ups in another official picture.

Uni appears to be less serious than Noire and enjoys spending time with her younger sisters. She does have her moments, such as when she aided the others in a manga chapter when they disguised themselves as spies and slipped into a Pirachu-like location.

Uni may have tomboy qualities, as seen by her recent Chirper. An event where she is interested in collecting firearms and another event where she would rather play at an arcade with Nepgear than do things a typical teenage lady would do.

Ulith From L-RIG

According to a flashback, Urith had a fair complexion and short straight violet hair in her former incarnation. She was LRIG, and her hair was also noticeably untidy compared to once. At one point, she was observed wearing a dark blue sailor fuku with a white neckerchief.

After becoming an LRIG, Urith adopted the appearance of Urith, Enma from the WIXOSS trading card game. As an LRIG, she has pale skin, short white hair, and purple eyes.

She is the main character and one of the strongest anime girls with white hair.

With white on the chest and light purple pants, her attire is basic and appears like tights. White gloves and bright purple shoes complete her ensemble.

Her right hand is similarly wrapped in light purple bandages, and she has a ribbon tied around her head.

Noire From Black Heart

35 white hair anime girls

Hyperdevotion Noire Goddess Black Heart, a tactical role-playing game launched in 2014, was co-developed by Compile Heart and Sting Entertainment.

Noire is the game’s protagonist, a spin-off from the Hyperdimension Neptunia series.

Illyasviel Von Einzbern From Fate/kaleid

35 white hair anime girls

Even though she is younger, she has a similar look to her Fate/stay night counterpart. Illyasviel, like her mother, Irisviel, is an Einzbern homunculus with red eyes and long silver hair.

She wears a variety of casual outfits, but the most recognizable are her regular school outfit, summer school attire, and her pink Magical Girl clothing after contracting with Magical Ruby. She wears a purple attire while utilizing Magical Sapphire, which is distinct from Miyu’s.

In Fate/Grand Order, she also debuts as Caster, a Mage Servant that Ritsuka Fujimaru can call.

Ileana From Claymore

35 white hair anime girls

Waist-length hair frames a long face with an aquiline nose and expressionless eyes. Long pointed ears. Taller than average.

Irene had light, long hair (which was silver in the anime). She possessed the same No. 3 hair as Galatea and Audrey in their eras and an aquiline nose and elf-like ears.

She wore the standard attire and, like all Claymores, had silver eyes. She had a calm demeanor most of the time.

With her flowing straight hair, enormous pointed ears, and calm demeanor, Irene was like an elf over other Claymores.

Ilena wears a hooded “witch cape,” covering a leathery ensemble of tank-top, hip-boots, and arm protectors, all fastened with belts and suspenders.

Kiriko Shikishima From Denpa kyoushi

35 white hair anime girls

Kiriko’s hair is blondish-white, and she wears it in two braids at the end. Kiriko is wearing a traditional Hiiragi Academy uniform to school.

Kiriko is a kind and pleasant young lady with a strong desire to work with maids because of their attractive attire, but she suffers from poor self-esteem until Junichirou Kagami helps her overcome it by encouraging her to embrace her singing and dancing abilities.

Mayu From Selector Infected Wixoss

35 white hair anime girls

Mayu sees the world as her own game, and Selector bouts are a way for her to express her yearning for fantasy. She is unconcerned about other people’s sentiments. In fact, has vindictive thoughts toward everyone who lives in the “outside world.”

She throws tantrums like a toddler when things don’t go her way or events don’t turn out the way she expected. While she admires the people of the outside world, she also appears to be afraid of them, throwing tantrums when she hears other girls’ voices.

Kamyu From The One Being Sung

35 white hair anime girls

Kamyu is dressed in a brown gown with voluminous dark blue sleeves, white cuffs, and red detailing.

A light blue belt ties two pieces of white linen with the crimson trimming to her brown dress.

She is dressed in brown boots with white borders that go just below her knees.

Hanbei Takenaka From Oda Nobuna

35 white hair anime girls

Hanbei is little and has a childlike aspect. Her looks would lead one to believe she is quite young, despite her age being unknown.

Her medium-length silver hair is wrapped up on two sides, and she has huge hazel eyes.

Koyomi Hiiragi From Denpa Kyoushi

35 white hair anime girls

Koyomi has a pale complexion and mid-length straight white hair.

She normally wears a short blue dress with long puffed sleeves & white cuffs. A white sailor collar and a little pink bow in the center of the bodice, which is her school uniform.

Alisa Ilinichina Amiella From God Eater

35 white hair anime girls

Alisa wears a scarlet cap over her untidy grey hair.

She’s wearing a checkered red skirt, and a short, sleeveless black jacket with the zipper just halfway closed from top to bottom, revealing her stomach and some cleavage.

She may not be as gorgeous as the other girls on the list. But she is a force to be reckoned with. Why would she be locked in a “school” of talented people if she isn’t talented? The nicest part about Ou is that she isn’t as worthless as that other pink head we’re all familiar with.

If you love Attack on Titans, then you will love god eater because both these anime are similar.

She wears black fingerless gloves with the left extending to her elbow and black thigh-length boots to complete her fairly exposing costume.

Canaan From Canaan

35 white hair anime girls

In her mid to late teens, Canaan is a young woman with a thin, muscular frame. Her complexion is tanned, her eyes grey, and her hair is short and white-blonde.

Her everyday outfit consists of a red sleeveless blouse. Tan khaki slacks, combat boots, and red layered wrapping around her left arm to hide her tattoo.

Tama From Selector Infected Wixoss

35 white hair anime girls

Tama () is Rko Kominato’s LRIG in selector-infected WIXOSS. In the selector spread WIXOSS, she subsequently becomes Urith’s LRIG.

After reconnecting with Rko in the Selector, destructed WIXOSS ending. She has already been living with her and her family as of Lostorage conflated WIXOSS.

Tomoyo Sakagami From Clannad

35 white hair anime girls

Tomoyo Sakagami is a beautiful young lady. Her long, straight silver hair reaches her upper thighs. She wears a black headband and has wild bangs and tresses framing her face.

Tomoyo is a traditional tomboy who is always calm and collected in any scenario. Tomoya and Sunohara appear to be her only true pals.

She is a respectable and diligent young lady with brains and physical prowess that rivals Kyou’s. Despite her rough exterior, she despises starting conflicts.

Lisanna Strauss From Fairy Tail

35 white hair anime girls

Lisanna is shown as a small young woman with short white hair and blue eyes. Wore a modest pink frock with dark red heels as a youngster.

Her hair was rather long when she was brought to Edolas, and she wore a short, dark red frock with a white collar and bow.

Lisanna, like Elfman, was a kind child when she was younger. She was more informed than Natsu Dragneel and wanted to assist him in raising an unidentified egg and see what would hatch.

Sorano From Fairy Tail

Sorano, as Yukino described, was a pretty young female with white hair anime girl. According to Yukino, Fairy Tail’s Sorano Sorano was a pretty young girl with white hair.

She was dressed in a white dress with white frills on the skirt and neck and a dark, short-sleeved shirt over the top. A light bow wrapped around her collar that fell over her breast and ribbons in her hair.

Index Librorum From A certain magical Index

The index is usually brief and has a delicate body and a flat breast, to her dismay. Her silver hair is thigh-length, and she has huge green eyes.

Her Traveling Church, a white and altered nun’s habit with gold embellishments, is something she frequently wears.

Sakura Ogami From Danganronpa

Sakura is roughly 19 years old, despite mistaking herself for 17 in Danganronpa due to memory loss. Because of her towering stature, powerful frame, deep voice, and intimidating demeanor.

Sakura has frequently been mistaken for a man; one notable example is Kiyotaka Ishimaru. Who only discovered Sakura was female after she expressly said so during the first class trial. Her complexion is reddened-dark, she has blue eyes, and she has a scar across her face.

Sakura was dressed in a blue skirt that barely covered her thighs and a white sailor school uniform with ripped sleeves and bandages on her arms and legs.

She seldom loses her cool and typically sees things from a higher perspective. When her friends are harmed or unable to practice for an extended period of time adequately. She might become mildly irritated and agitated or lose her temper entirely and become incredibly intense.

Orphelia Landlufen From Asterisk War

Asterisk War – Orphelia Landlufen Being Julis Alexia Van Reissfeld’s childhood friend. One may assume Orphelia has a cheery and bright disposition as well. That, however, cannot be further from reality.

She is one of the few whiteheads who has had a terrible and challenging background. As a result, she has a gloomy demeanor, which is essential for many goths. This frigid female may send shivers down your spine with only a glimpse.

Orphelia is an anime female with long white hair and ruby eyes. She’s dressed in a Rewolf female outfit with white tights and elbow-length gloves. Orphelia used to have dark hair when she was younger.

Mirajane Strauss From Fairy Tail

Mirajane is a petite young woman with short stature. She has long, white hair with two bangs framing her face and going down to her breast that curls slightly at the ends.

The most distinguishing feature of her hairdo is its shortness. An upward ponytail was created by collecting and tying the hair covering her forehead.

A sleeveless, leg maroon dress with such a pleated skirt is Mirajane’s most typical outfit.

The white, lavender hair also looks like long white grayish hair. And never gives up personality with fair skin and the only character in one piece which really serves well.

She was grumpy and dressed in a punk-gothic style. Bashing everybody, especially Erza, with which she had a long-standing feud dating back to their youth.

Despite this, due to her Demon-like talents, she was initially reclusive and had concerns about who she was. Despite Makarov’s reassurance that it was merely a kind of Magic, Mirajane questioned whether she was actually human.

Fremy Speeddraw From Rokka no Yuusha

She is Adlet Mayer’s love interest in the anime Braves of the Six Flowers. Fremy has a weak look featuring white skin and white hair. An eye patch hiding her right eye, a leather cloak, leather clothing, and a black cloth covering her head.

While Fremy’s real identity is unknown to the general public. She is generally known as the “Six Flowers Killer.” After assassinating prospective future heroes of the six petals in order only to leave weak combatants alive, she was given that name.

Seitenshi From Black Bullet

Seitenshi is a stunning young woman with a light complexion and a petite body.

Black Bullet – Seitenshi Seitenshi, a lethal weapon with blue eyes and white hair, is the result of this combination. She is the de facto ruler of not just Tokyo but also of countless weeb hearts.

Her confident demeanor and exalted demeanor make her an intriguing figure. She will not falter in the face of great pressure or nerve-wracking situations. Her ability appears to be an afterthought to her stunning attractiveness.

I really like hair colors like this, and that’s why she ranked this high on the list and also one of the kindest female anime characters in the anime.

She has thin, white eyebrows and superb white eyelashes that encircle round eyes with light irises.

And she’s an anime girl with white hair that covers her forehead, leaving just a few sections exposed, and is styled in a haphazard manner, going to the center of her face.

Kanade Tachibana From Angel Beats!

Kanade is a stunning white-skinned girl with waist-length silver hair (which is sometimes misinterpreted as a shade of blue in the Light Novel). Goldeyes with traces of auburn/brown under certain lighting, and somewhat cat-eyed/curved up eyes to match her mysterious/kuudere feel.

Shiro From Deadman Wonderland

Shiro is a young albino girl. She is an anime girl with snow-white hair, pale complexion, and crimson eyes; her eyebrows and eyelashes are also white. Her hair is long and extends all the way to her knees.

Shiro has snow-white hair that reaches her knees, a pale complexion, and crimson eyes due to her albinism.

She is a lively and somewhat awkward young lady with a lot more energy. Which she owes to the fact that she only eats sweets.

She wears a peach skintight bodysuit (white in the anime) with red circles and stripes on it with her toes and heels protruding.

Origami Tobiichi From Date A Live

Origami has the look of a young, attractive female with blue eyes and short, silvery-white hair anime girl arranged in a bob cut with three hair clips in the right part of her hair.

After becoming a Spirit, the color of her eyes turned from blue to light blue and white.

Isla From Plastic Memories

Isla was a Giftia anime girl with white hair who was reported to be Terminal Service One’s best Giftia marksman.

Previously, she was paired with Kazuki Kuwanomi. She became Tsukasa Mizugaki’s partner when her engagement with Kazuki was ended.

Koneko Toujou From High School DxD

In the High School DxD light novel and anime series, Koneko Toujou is one of several female characters.

Rias Gremory’s Rook is a white-haired anime girl. Who is a member of the Occult Research Club and a first-year student at Kuoh Academy? She is also Kuroka’s younger sister and a nekomata.

Elizabeth Liones From The Seven Deadly Sins

Elizabeth is a beautiful young woman with a small yet sensual figure, huge breasts, average height, and white hair.

Her silvery-white hair reaches her waist, giving her a slim yet curvy shape. Even in a battle, she is a very kind and pleasant person who favors a peaceful approach.

Her skin is exceedingly pale, and she has long silver hair that reaches her waist. She has big bright blue eyes that can turn orange when she obtains a triskele.

Her bangs initially obscured her right eye, but she reverted to her previous hairstyle after being cut from across her forehead by one of Chandler’s Split Tama.

In the film Seven Deadly Sins, she plays the female protagonist.

Her bangs initially obscured her right eye, but she restored to her previous hairstyle after being sliced across the head by one of Chandler’s Split Tama.

Emilia From Re: Zero

Emilia is a lovely Half-Elf with long silver hair, purple-blue eyes, and one of the loveliest white hair anime females, but she’s also really kind.

She is pleasant to be around and enjoys looking after people, despite her refusal to accept it. Emilia is unconcerned with her looks, which is why she does not care for her hair or dress.

She has a white flower in her hair and is clad in white and purple. Throughout the series, she has worn her hair in a variety of styles.

Irisviel von Einzbern From Fate/Zero

Irisviel von Einzbern is a homunculus and a white hair anime girl.

She is the wife of Kiritsugu Emiya and the mother of Illyasviel von Einzbern.

Nao Tomori From Charlotte

Nao Tomori is a white-haired anime girl who is one of Charlotte’s key characters. She is the president of the Student Council and a first-year student at Hoshinoumi Academy.

Nao is a huge fan of ZHIEND, her eldest brother’s favorite band. And she constantly documents the strength of ability of users as proof.

Midori Fuse From Black Bullet 

Midori Fuse was a 10-year-old anime girl with long white hair and purple eyes who was bound by a purple ribbon.

She donned a light pink shirt with a purple collar. She has a dark purple skirt, long dark purple stockings, and a dark purple hat with a black ribbon and two white balls to hide her cat ears.

That’s it, and I hope you like white-haired anime girls and know who your favorite is.

Who has the best dressing sense on this list?

Irisviel von Einzbern From Fate/Zero

Who is the best anime Girl with black hair

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