Who is Asta? – 7 Things you Must KNOW About Him

Asta is the main character of Black clover, and in a world full of people with magic power, he does not have any magic.


Asta Background

Wichita gave birth to Asta in the Clover Kingdom’s Forsaken Realm. His mother abandons him on the church’s front steps soon after he is born in Hage. Yuno is also left on the door that day, and Father Orsi, the church’s priest, discovers the two orphans.

Asta once overhears a pair of villagers envious of the way of life led by those who reside in the Noble Realm on their way home from the grocery store. On this day, Asta first declares his goal to be the Wizard King and learns about the discrimination experienced by the citizens of the Forsaken Realm.

Fail to Receive Grimoire

When the kids turn fifteen, they receive a Grimoire according to their magic power. Asta doesn’t get his grimoire, so Drouot advises him to try the following year again. After Yuno dismisses his rivalry statement later in the evening, Asta is still in a stupor. While hanging from a tree branch, Asta can see that Yuno is in danger and rushes to his aid. Asta is, however, cornered by Revchi Salik, who is carrying a grimoire because he lacks magic ability.

Asta, unable to defend himself, submit as Revchi removes his spirit. But after Yuno admits that he respected Asta when they were kids, he can rediscover his resolve to fight. Asta then attempts to stand up when suddenly, a grimoire flies toward him and hands him a sword. Asta defeats Revchi with his newly discovered blade and makes good on his pledge to Yuno.

He goes to the Magic Knights Entrance Exam six months later, when he first encounters Gordon Agrippa, Finral Roulacase, and Yami Sukehiro. Sekke Bronzazza is drawn to Asta as he struggles to complete the first task of the exam, and he intends to use Asta’s poor performance to his advantage.

Finally, during the fighting test, Sekke offers Asta the opportunity to be his partner, which she enthusiastically accepts. Then, condescendingly, Sekke explains why he chose Asta as his partner. But Asta easily outlasts him and declares his desire to become the Magic Emperor.

Asta of Black Bull

Unfortunately, none of the captains is interested in hiring him due to his usage of strange magic. The Black Bull team captain then intervenes to gauge Asta’s resolve. The little orphan succeeds in making an impression on Yami, who offers him a spot in his squad.

He then uses spatial magic to travel to the squad’s base of operations, introducing himself to the other squad members and beginning his journey.

Asta’s Appearance

Asta is a young man with a low stature and a very powerful physique. He has ash blond hair that is unruly and uncombed, with bangs in front of his forehead and one strand sticking out from the middle of his head. His eyes are green.

A black headband with the gold-colored Black Bull emblem and a crimson, four-pointed star with three stitches on the rear secures his hair. His rigorous physical training has left him with countless scars throughout his body, and one of Mars’ Harpes punctured him, leaving a noticeable scar on his abdomen.

Asta typically wears a dark blue jacket with sleeves that only reach his elbows over a basic white tunic with a V-shaped neck. He is wearing a matching pair of shorts with a stitch mark on the left side. Additionally, his jeans reach barely above his knees.

The parts of his shoes that cover his ankles are made of two different fabrics, and the soles match the hue of his jacket and slacks. White stitches running vertically from the bridge to his toes cover the areas covering his toes.

Asta now carries his grimoire in a pouch fastened to a brown leather belt. He also dons the distinctive Black Bull robe, which covers the top half of his torso and is short, black, and embellished with gold. To keep it together, it also features a hood and a gold button on the right side, with the squad’s logo visible on the left.

After Six Month Training

Asta has gotten stronger after six months of training in the Heart Kingdom. He also had on a tight black shirt that covered some of his chest, upper arms, and shoulders. It has a gold clover on the right side and is open in the center.

He also wears a modified version of his squad’s identifying robe, which is slung over his left shoulder and fastened to him by a crimson cord that goes around his neck. Three red, four-pointed stars appear on the front right side of his headband, while the Black Bull insignia is on the left.

He also wears a large, brown, double-pronged belt with a grimoire bag hanging from it and a pair of black, high-waisted pants tucked into knee-high boots. Asta’s right arm is forever tainted as a result of her deal with Liebe. His fingers are blood red with black cragged lines and black fingernails, whereas his arm is black with blood red cragged markings and black fingernails.

An equal agreement is reached with Liebe, and a dark mark develops on his left wrist. Two slender, spiky lines with demonic text between them serve as the marking.

In his transformed state, Black Asta’s right arm is covered in black Anti Magic, his right shoulder sprouts a black wing, his right side of the head sprouts a black horn, and his upper right canine tooth lengthens, and his right eye turns crimson with a slit-like pupil. More of his body is covered when he uses more Anti Magic.

His head develops more horns, his lower right canine tooth lengthens, his right hand and foot change into claws, a smaller wing emerges from his left shoulder, and a tail extends from his back.

Asta’s Personality

Asta is typically enthusiastic and lively. But, to the chagrin of some persons around him and frequently in defiance of others’ viewpoints, he frequently shouts out his thoughts and objectives.

One of the first instances of this was when, during the Magic Knights entrance exam, he declared his desire to become a Magic Emperor and asked others who were jeering him to keep silent. Asta’s easygoing nature is regularly used for comedic effect in more severe circumstances.

However, Yami Sukehiro is intrigued by his fierce persistence and chooses to enlist him in his army. His stubbornness also gives him an unbreakable will. Asta’s steadfast refusal to quit, along with his steel tenacity during arduous or painful battles, is a quality that leads others, like Magna Swing, to recognize him.

Asta, however, has demonstrated that he has had difficulty accepting his lack of magic and uses his brash demeanour as a front to disguise his insecurity. He nearly sinks into despair after Vetto breaks his arms and curses him, but he manages to talk out of it.

Asta constantly hears insults and nasty remarks due to his upbringing in the Forsaken region from practically everyone he encounters. Asta looks to have developed a slightly sardonic personality in response to this as he tries to defend himself.

Due to the frequency with which he encounters such insulting statements, he has developed a certain immunity to them, as evidenced by the ease with which he dismisses them without becoming excessively irritated. Asta can still become angry when others seriously insult his allies, and he won’t think twice about confronting them while attempting to defend them.


Asta also has a strong sense of justice, which comes through in his battle with Heath Grice because he thinks everyone should be protected. As seen when he urges his fellow squad members to take the unconscious Mars with them when the dungeon collapses, it is not restricted to his allies but also his adversaries. He contends that because they are not instructed to fight any enemies, their objective is to explore a dungeon.

As a result, Asta seems to see the good in everyone and never takes a slight too seriously, as seen by the fact that he continues to befriend both Yuno and Noelle Silva despite both of them openly mocking him.

Even though Fana is using all of her might to kill him and his comrades, he makes an effort to reason with her to comprehend and calm her down, demonstrating consideration for peaceful ways to resolve disputes. Later, despite numerous failed attempts, he continues to do this with the reincarnated elves.

Asta also thinks that people who have done wrong should make an effort to atone for their transgressions. No of whether he has pardoned them or not, he always holds his adversaries accountable for their wrongdoing. Before agreeing to be his friend, he demands that Neige do some time in jail.

He insists that the frail Ladros make amends to and assist everyone he has wronged. Another instance is when, at their subsequent meeting, he nearly breaks Rades’ arm by placing him in a submission hold before the latter can convince him to use his powers for good rather than for vengeance.


He has gained the respect of practically everyone he encounters, including aristocrats like Klaus and Fuegoleon Vermillion, because of his approachable, nonjudgmental, and open demeanor as well as his unyielding will and tenacity. Additionally, it has won him the attention of many girls, but he is mainly unaware of this due to his love for Sister Lily and his rather clueless nature.

He is also somewhat chivalrous and non-perverted due to his love for Lily and ignorance, as he steadfastly refused to try to peep on the females as they were taking a dip at the hot spring.

Despite being a very kind and sincere person who can win people over with his perseverance, Asta often comes across as somewhat baffling to those around him. While Asta is not technically a moron, his upbringing in a remote orphanage has left him unaware of many things that are taken for granted by others, and his headstrong demeanor gives the impression that he is a musclehead with little to no brains.

Depending on the circumstance, his naivete causes him to frequently speak without thought of the circumstances or with little to no tact. He also frequently places his naïve faith in kingdom residents despite evidence to the contrary.

The courts have exploited his honest and trusting personality, and while he was on trial, he almost admitted guilt without considering the repercussions. In addition, he lacks a great deal of knowledge about the kingdom’s operations, which Magic Knights and the majority of his team members should know. For example, he is clueless about issues as basic as how seriously flawed the nobles’ system is, which nearly cost him and Marie their lives.

Asta’s Abilities

Anti Magic

Asta uses this special energy to counter magic. Despite not being able to use magic, Asta possesses the status of an Arcane Stage wizard due to the mastery of his Anti Magic energy and the rarity of this power in and of itself.

There are some attacks of Anti magic spells:-

  • Bull Thrust
  • Black Meteorite
  • Black Hurricane
  • Demon-Slayer Sword: Black Divider
  • Demon-Dweller Sword: Black Slash
  • Demon-Slasher: Infinite Slash Equinox

Union Magic: Asta combines his Anti Magic with Gauche’s Mirror Magic.

  • Mirror Slash
  • Mirror Meteorite

Expert Swordsman

Due to her atypical sword and Fanzell Kruger’s limited instruction, Asta initially has a rough approach. He gets combat experience, more swords, ki-sensing, and knowledge through his many bouts with and against other magic swordsmen as he progresses in expertise.


A principle from the Land of the Rising Sun that Asta acquired from Yami, allowing him to use his sixth sense to anticipate and react to assaults before they hit him.

Devil Host

Asta is tied to the Liebe, the source of the Anti-Magic, as the wielder of a five-leaf clover grimoire, providing him access to the power. In subsequent chapters, the more power he has, the more devil-like he gets, even changing his appearance. After completing the Devil-Binding Ritual, he made a covenant with Liebe to share power as equals rather than prevailing over him.

There is power where asta goes after Devil Host Ritual:

Black Asta: Asta assumes this form by having Anti-Magic circulate throughout him rather than just his swords, covering the right section of his arm over his shoulder, granting him a single wing and horn, and turning his right eye red. He has greater strength and speed, flight, and a clear and focused mind in his Black Asta condition.

It allows him to focus on and neutralize all magic in his path. However, this isn’t a conscious act. He can use it twice a day (forcing a third). After being engulfed by malice, Asta is covered in more Anti-Magic, which covers the right side of his body and gives him clawed arms and feet.

Devil Arm: He later gave his right arm to Liebe for greater power, corrupting it and allowing him to utilize more Anti-Magic, counteract a Gravity Singularity, and coat weapons in Anti-Magic. However, he could not employ this new ability for more than 5 seconds (likely due to his already exhausted state).

Devil Union: 

After completing the Devil-Binding Ritual, Asta was able to combine with Liebe, allowing him to undergo a special transformation separate from his ordinary Black Asta Form, in which he possesses the physical characteristics of the Devil. On his first try, he unified and removed a spell without a physical form and a part of Nacht’s Unite Mode: Canis without touching him; a complete version allowed him to kill a Giant Demon comparable to the one defeated by the Wizard King.

Asta has exceptional strength, having performed hundreds of push-ups throughout multiple training sessions, swinging big swords, punching or throwing full-grown men far larger than himself, and punching holes in walls all with one hand. After the Witch Queen repaired his arms, she used her Blood Magic to make them stronger and more durable than before.

Enhanced Durability: Asta is extremely resilient, able to recover from devastating blows from various Mages, including Revchi, Heath, Mars, Patolli, and Ladros, enhanced by Salamander.

Because of Asta’s high level of speed, experienced Magic Knight Captains like William assumed he was using magic to support himself.

Heightened Instincts:

 He has exhibited heightened instincts, allowing him to move his body in the best way possible to defend himself.

Master Swordsman: Initially unskilled due to a lack of fundamental training, Asta developed a refined style after receiving instruction from a master swordsman, Fanzell Kruger. Through practical combat training, the acquisition of new swords and Ki, and innumerable engagements with and against other magical swordsmen like Franzel, Mars, Kiato, Licht, and Yami, he has developed his skills.

Asta has proven himself to be brilliant and thoughtful despite his appearance as hyperactive, stubborn, and unintelligent. He is capable of understanding different circumstances and responding strategically when called upon, cutting out curses with his swords, acting strategically, figuring out Ki while being guided in the midst of battle, and using his Demon-Slayer Sword after having seen the original wielder use one of his original swords in combat.

  • Demon-Slayer Sword: Asta’s first sword is a huge great sword that he can use to cut and fend against many types of magic. Following his six-month training, he can manipulate the Anti-Magic contained within the sword, allowing him to ride on top of it and summon the sword by speaking its name.
  • Demon-Dweller Blade: Asta’s second sword is a broadsword that allows him to cut through magical barriers and release slashes with various magical properties. He learned to release Anti-Magic slashes after six months of training.
  • Asta’s third blade, the Demon-Destroy Sword, is a special weapon that enables him to create tendrils formed of Anti-Magic that can absorb and dispel the effects of spells.
  • Demon-Slasher Katana: Asta’s fourth weapon, a Yami-owned katana laced with Anti-Magic, allows him to deal massive damage to a fully-charged devil-powered Dante.

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