Who is Ichigo Kurosaki? – 10+ Things you Must KNOW

Who is Ichigo Kurosaki? he is the main character of the Bleach series. He is a young man in the original series with the capacity to see ghosts who receives the Shinigami abilities from Rukia Kuchiki. A Hybrid between a Human, a Soul Reaper, a Quincy, and a Hollow.


Ichigo Kurosaki’s Personality

When he was younger, Ichigo thought of his mother as the center of his universe and would frequently hold her hand and smile whenever they were together. Ichigo, who frequently sobbed after losing matches at the dojo where he trained, regained his smile the moment Masaki arrived to pick him up.

Ichigo first wanted to defend his mother when he was very young and heard his father explain that his name meant “to guard one thing.” So he started going to a dojo after his sisters were born to defend them.

Since then, the number of individuals he wants to save has increased, forcing Ichigo to put his life in danger to save his friends and strangers.

Even though he professes he doesn’t care what other people think of him, Ichigo is a very hot-tempered and driven youngster who typically attempts to maintain a very serious and aloof demeanor.

Hot Headed

Ichigo often scowls and admits he is hot-headed and won’t back down from a battle. But has a great deal of empathy and sympathy for everyone around him. He doesn’t show it. But, because of his orange hair and overall disrespect for authority, he is considered a delinquent at school.

When speaking to those who are older than him, Ichigo may be somewhat rude, referring to Captain Yamamoto as “gramps” and calling many other captains by their first names.

To the surprise of Keigo and Mizuiro, Ichigo is a very good student who consistently maintains his studies while appearing to be a troublemaker. He ranks 23rd in his whole grade.

He does this to make sure that his distinctive hair color and fighting proclivity don’t give the wrong impression of him. Instead, Ichigo struggles to recall names and faces and disapproves of horoscopes, fate telling, and similar practices.

Ichigo Strong Sense

He has a strong sense of honor, but it is a convoluted one. He often taunts his opponents and can strike without warning in retaliation for harsh acts committed by those he battles. Ichigo desires to triumph, but only if he can do it justly. Despite this, his determination sometimes falters.

This generally results from losing a crucial battle or betraying his teammates, and when it does, Ichigo’s fighting prowess is significantly diminished. Ichigo despises anybody who criticizes or disrespects their comrades, especially if those allies are his rivals.

When he was small, Ichigo had a strong bond with his mother and would constantly hold her hand and smile when they were together. Ichigo learned from his father when he was young that his name meant “to guard one thing.”

He felt compelled to defend his mother and sisters once they were born. As a result of this, ever since, Ichigo has put his life in danger to defend people who are close to him as well as strangers.

Ichigo’s Appearance

Ichigo has been teased for years about his orange hair, his most distinctive attribute. He is a young man, around six feet tall, with a lean build, peach complexion, and brown eyes.

He likes to dress in slim-fitting clothing. Because his name is a homonym for the number 15, he frequently dons shirts featuring the numeral 15. His sister Karin has noticed that he has developed substantially more muscle after becoming a Shinigami.

Ichigo dons the typical Shinigami garb while in his spiritual state, with the addition of a strap over his chest. It was originally a thick brown belt to hold his Zanpakuto sheath, but as he developed his Shinigami abilities, it changed into a crimson rosary-like strap.

Change of Zanpakuto Handle

With a flat top and bottom, it has a kite-like shape. Several people have pointed out similarities between Ichigo’s appearance and that of Kaien Shiba, the former lieutenant of the 13th Division, notably Jushiro Ukitake.

Ichigo’s friends have noted that he is noticeably taller after training in the Dangai and that his hair has grown noticeably. Ichigo returns to his pre-Dangai training appearance after he loses his Shinigami abilities.

Seventeen years old.

The now seventeen-year-old Ichigo’s appearance does not alter 17 months after defeating Aizen, but he does grow sideburns and taller. Ichigo’s Shinigami clothing consisted of a heavier strap over his chest, which he wore before regaining his powers, which seems to be brought on by the last energy from his Fullbring.

His forearms are covered in four black vertical lines, while his wrists, ankles, and chest are all covered in black bands that resemble tattoos. His collars are similar bands with white tips that hang around his neck.

After training at the Soul King Palace, Ichigo dons his usual black shihakush, but with a few noticeable additions: a white cloak with black markings tied around his waist, two white shoulder plates crossing his chest in an X shape to secure his Shikai blades, the first plate on his left shoulder having three sections adorned with red scales, the second plate having three sections adorned with red scales on his right waist.

Ichigo Powers and Abilities

Physical Power

Ichigo’s human physique is in excellent physical condition. Since he was a young child, Ichigo has received martial arts instruction from both his father and a professional instructor. He has consistently displayed excellent coordination and quickness during his attacks.

Ichigo has strong kicks and punches and knows how to take down opponents and apply body locks. He has regularly used a single hand to block an opponent’s weapon blows.


Ichigo is surprisingly powerful even when not in his Shinigami form, punching a man’s skull through a concrete road with a single kick and later knocking Asguiaro Ebern out of his bedroom and into the street without getting hurt by the man’s Hierro.

Soul Reaper Mode: In Soul Reaper Mode: Ichigo’s already remarkable strength is substantially increased in his Soul Reaper body. He has dispatched three Soul Reaper lieutenants with just one strike each, and one of those strikes simultaneously broke one of their Zanpakut.

His power allows him to easily deflect Jidanb’s repeated ax swings before smashing them in one motion. He can also launch Rukia into Renji’s arms from twelve meters, sending them both skidding several more meters.


Ichigo is an extremely quick and agile combatant even before learning Shunpo. Ichigo has excellent reflexes, deflecting a blow without expending additional energy and launching a counterattack right away.

He is capable of making quick, unannounced, and repeated attacks. Due to his quickness, he can follow the motions of opponents who move more quickly, better understand their moves, and deflect potentially fatal blows.


Ichigo is intelligent, insightful, and deductive despite his slightly punk attitude. Ichigo consistently achieves great academic standing in his high school despite working as a Substitute for Shinigami. In addition, Ichigo can recognize the pattern in his opponent’s battle tactics and formulate a suitable counterattack to repel them.

Soul Reaper Powers

Master Swordsman:

When fighting in his Soul Reaper form, Ichigo mostly uses the sword. Except for his first training with Urahara, he is largely following a “learn as you go” training plan; as a result, his skill has been honed by fighting rather than through formal instruction, growing even more capable with each bout.

He can compete on an equal footing with sword masters like Byakuya Kuchiki and Kenpachi Zaraki. Ichigo appears to be ambidextrous because he is skilled with Zangetsu in his left hand, even though he typically fights with his right hand.

Spiritual Power

Ichigo has frequently been noticed to possess very high levels of spiritual energy that exceed those of most other Soul Reapers. Before unleashing his real power, he defeated a Gillian with nothing but his sealed Zanpakuto. His spiritual energy is comparable to a Captain-level combatant, even at less than half of his power.

Renji Abarai, a lieutenant-level Soul Reaper, was taken aback by his heavy spiritual might. Ichigo consistently emits reiatsu on a captain level. He can fight well even when exhausted in battle while still employing Getsuga Tensho or activating and maintaining his Bankai.

He has enough energy to use just his Zanpakuto to repel the Sokyoku, a halberd with a devastating power equal to one million Zanpakuto.

Ichigo has some ability to direct his spiritual force, as demonstrated by the destruction of the Arbor of the Sokyoku by channeling his spiritual power through his sword into the execution stand, an apparent impossibility that astounded the 13 Court Guard Squads.

Kirio Hikifune stated that eating her special reiatsu-infused meal will significantly increase Renji and he’s and Hikifune’s spiritual power levels.

Shunpo Power

Ichigo is skilled enough in the technique itself to keep up with high-level Soul Reaper despite his lack of knowledge of its many techniques, which even catch him off guard. One of Soul Society’s most skilled practitioners of Shunpo, Byakuya Kuchiki, praised Ichigo for his rising skill in the art.


Ichigo, a young Human still in his teen years, demonstrates exceptional fortitude by successfully resisting a huge Hollow’s attack and breaking free from a binding spell (although one of a low degree).

Soul Reaper Mode: In his Soul Reaper form, Ichigo gains significantly higher toughness. He withstood a direct strike from the Getsuga Tensho produced by his adversary during his previous fight with Kugo Ginjo, suffering minor injuries to one of his arms and a portion of his face.

Ichigo was unhurt when numerous Heilig Pfeil were fired at him during the battle with Quilge Opie, despite the devastating explosion each one generated.

Ichigo Zanpakuto Power

Zangetsu (Slaying Moon)

When Ichigo first turns into a Soul Reaper, his Zanpakuto was an enlarged version of a standard-looking katana that hung from a strap across his back and over his right shoulder. It had a rectangular bronze tsuba with a stylized flame pattern on the long sides, a straightforward ornamental slit on the short sides, and slightly inward-curved edges.

The handle’s base, which had a flame motif on its short edges, was wrapped in crimson and had two light blue tassels connected to it.

Huge Size

The huge size is a result of Ichigo’s spiritual force, which was unfocused and inordinately strong but that he was unable to manage. Because so little spiritual power was expended in its creation, the blade itself was quite frail.

However, it was strong enough to overcome a Menos of the Gillian class and smaller Hollows, totally blocking a Cero from the former. With a single blow, the ground could be turned upside down.

Byakuya Kuchiki quickly severed much of the blade during his first confrontation with Ichigo due to the frailty of its spiritual energy, and Kisuke Urahara later chopped it down to the hilt during their training, forcing Ichigo to discover the name of his Zanpakut to unlock its real form. Instead of being a product of Ichigo’s strength, this sword is the outcome of Rukia’s depleted spiritual force.


Instead of a traditional katana, Zangetsu’s Shikai form resembles an enlarged khyber knife. Ichigo is holding the cloth-wrapped tang of the sword, which lacks a tsuba and a complete hilt. The sword has a black blade with a silver edge and is about the same height as Ichigo.

The cloth wrapping around the tang appears to change length at Ichigo’s command or twine around the blade in an impromptu sheath. When necessary during the fight, the cloth slips away and contracts to a manageable size.

Although these techniques are rarely employed, the fabric can patch wounds, swing the weapon around like a flail, and throw it at adversaries for close-quarters combat. In addition, Ichigo has frequently utilized Zangetsu’s broad blade as a shield against oncoming blows and to block energy strikes. Zangetsu is always in its Shikai form, unlike most Zanpakuto, which can be sealed into their original form.

Full Released Form

Because of Ichigo’s enormous but uncontrollable spiritual energy when it is generated, Yoruichi Shihoin has claimed that his Zanpakuto is a full-time released form type, implying that it is merely a type of Zanpakuto that, without proper control of his spiritual energy, remains in Shikai form when in said state.

Zangetsu’s appearance changes due to being influenced by the last of Ichigo’s Fullbring, taking on a silver hilt with gray wrappings and a short chain at its base. Like a trench knife, the blade itself undergoes a small reshaping, bending inward at the back of the tip. The previous fabric still manifests when stowed away on Ichigo’s back to serve as an emergency sheath.

Special Ability of Shikai Getsuga Tensho(Heaven Chain Slaying Moon)

Ichigo directs his Zanpakuto straight ahead with either one or both of his hands as his arm is covered by the Shikai fabric, which tightens when the Zanpakuto is activated. His spiritual might soars as the smoke hides his true being.

It is regarded as entirely abnormal for any Zanpakuto. Ichigo’s Bankai shrinks his sword to a daito (Japanese long sword) with a black blade as opposed to the majority of Bankai forms, which typically produce some enormous creature or effect.

Four prongs on the cross guard are twisted outward to resemble the manji (which is the kanji for “ban,” meaning “full,” as in “full release”). The blade can withstand even the most powerful blows, making it very effective in deflecting and blocking incoming blows. It can tolerate being violently smashed. Kugo Ginjo’s sword can be sliced cleanly through by the blade due to its strength and sharpness.

Blade Strenght

Gin Ichimaru remarked on the strength and toughness of the blade, saying it felt like he was about to break from striking it. A slender chain with a broken link at the end hangs from the base of the hilt in place of the cloth his Shikai form had.

Along with his sword, Ichigo now wears a long-sleeved, ankle-length black coat with red lining that is fastened at the chest and has ragged ends, similar to Zangetsu’s own. This coat is a part of Ichigo’s Bankai, and the harm it can withstand is closely correlated with Ichigo’s remaining power and spiritual pressure level.

Ichigo’s Bankai changes slightly due to his training in the Dangai. Zangetsu still assumes the appearance of a daito with a black blade, but now the four prongs of the cross guard are further apart. The prongs still resemble a manji, but they start to look more ethereal and delicate.

The chain at the base of Zangetsu’s hilt spreads out more than it did before, snaking up the length of Ichigo’s sleeveless right arm, with the additional piece of the chain hanging down freely from his upper arm. Ichigo’s right hand now has a black glove covering it.

Saigo no Getsuga Tensho: The Final Moon Fang Heaven-Piercer

Ichigo transforms into Getsuga (Moon Fang) by employing this method. Because Ichigo loses all of his Soul Reaper abilities if he utilizes it, it is known as the Final Getsuga Tensho. Ichigo’s hair grows to the length of his waist and turns black throughout the power’s duration. His body is encircled by light bluish-gray bandages that are firmly wrapped around his face, right arm, and chest until finishing just below his eyes.

His left arm and chest are covered in black flame-like markings, while his lower torso is covered in the ragged remnants of a black cloak. The majority of the smokey black reiatsu emanating from Ichigo’s body in this form is concentrated on his right arm. Ichigo’s spiritual pressure turns fully dark as he employs this method.

Mugetsu (Moonless Sky)

Ichigo creates a blade of intensely dark spiritual energy and swings it at the target. By doing this, a huge cloak of dark spiritual energy approaching the target explodes skyward, darkening the sky and severely injuring anything caught in the blast. As it ascends further, the energy vanishes into the sky.

Quincy Powers

Blut:- Blut Vene, one of the two Blut skills, is the defensive Blut. Because Quilge Opie imprisoned Ichigo, a portion of Quilge’s Spiritual Pressure was transferred to Ichigo, reawakening memories of Ichigo’s Quincy mother in his Spiritual Pressure. He now gets access to Blut, who is on the defense.

It let him withstand a sword assault from Yhwach that only caused a minor cut. The extreme blood loss resulting from critical wounds that have already been inflicted can be prevented by using this power to help Ichigo.

Former Powers


Ichigo initially utilized his Fullbring abilities to transform the appearance of his Substitute Shinigami Badge. Ichigo triggers the badge to emit black spiritual pressure in the form of Tensa Zangetsu’s tsuba by remembering his pride in being a Shinigami.

The weapon, like a tsuba, is primarily used for defense, especially to deflect blows. It can largely withstand an attack from a much larger foe. Like a genuine tsuba, it lacks the cutting ability, and the spiritual pressure disappears if Ichigo lets go of the badge.

Later, as his Fullbring abilities develop, they alter his appearance by enveloping his entire body in a black reiatsu and causing a dark blade to form over his arm. Because Ichigo is enveloped in his strength, which resembles a Shihakusho, much like his prior Bankai, his skills are categorized as a Clad-Type Fullbring.

Ichigo’s Fullbring becomes a sturdy outfit after it is finished. It transforms into a white suit of armor with a stripe running across his face that covers his chest, arms, shoulders, and feet. He has a bodysuit that is entirely black below.

A medium-sized, black, machete-like blade with a silver edge, a circular hilt, a plain white fabric wrapping, and a flat base emerges from the symbol. The badge changes into the guard and is marked with a new black cross. It is covered in a white sheath and hung over Ichigo’s back.


Ichigo’s Hollow mask resembles a scary skull, which is the best way to describe its appearance. The mask is white with three red stripes on the left at first, but they have since grown in number.

After he subdued his inner Hollow, the stripes became thicker. During his third conflict with Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, it eventually covers nearly the entire left side of the mask. 


What is Ichigo’s bloodline?

Ichigo is the offspring of a pure-blood Soul Reaper from a noble clan.

Who is the Soul King?

The Soul King is the supposed ruler of Soul Society who resides in the Soul King Palace and is protected by the Royal Guard.

Is Ichigo a God?

Ichigo has often been referred to as a Primal God or Ancient by the Elves.

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