Is Yu Yu Hakusho Filler List Ready for Fans? Latest Updates 2023!

Yu Yu Hakusho Filler List is one of the most wanted filler lists by the fans. So, the wait ends here. Let’s continue with the list then.

Yu Yu Hakusho is a Japanese anime adaptation of the manga series by Yoshihiro Togashi. The best part of this anime is that it has fewer number filler episodes.

Fewer filler episodes mean just 6% of total episodes are filler. GREAT! So, fans do not have to waste more time differentiating many fillers and complete to watch the anime with relief.

Starting from 1992 to 2018, there are 114 episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho, and only 5 reported filler episodes are included in it. I know you might be getting anxious to know the names of the filler list.

Let’s see the quick Yu Yu Hakusho Filler List and descriptive Yu Yu Hakusho Filler List.


Quick Lists

Yu Yu Hakuso Filler List

Yu Yu Hakuso Filler List

107, 108, 109, 111, 114

Yu Yu Hakuso Canon List

1 to 10, 12, 14 to 106, 110, 112, 113

Mixed Canon/Filler List

11, 13

Descriptive Yu Yu Hakusho Filler List

Ep. No. Ep. Name Type
107 The Demon World Tournament Begins FILLER
108 Farewell, Kurama FILLER
109 Love and War FILLER
111 Closure FILLER
114 All or Nothing FILLER


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Descriptive Yu Yu Hakusho Canon List

Ep. No. Ep. Name Type
1 Surprised to be Dead MANGA CANON
2 Koenma Appears MANGA CANON
3 Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men MANGA CANON
4 Requirements for Lovers MANGA CANON
5 Yusuke’s Back MANGA CANON
6 Three Monsters MANGA CANON
7 Gouki and Kurama MANGA CANON
8 The Three Eyes of Hiei MANGA CANON
9 The Search Begins MANGA CANON
10 Kuwabara’s Spirit Sword MANGA CANON
11 Hard Fights for Yusuke MIXED CANON/FILLER
12 Rando Rises, Kuwabara Falls MANGA CANON
13 Yusuke vs. Rando: 99 Attacks MIXED CANON/FILLER
14 The Beasts of Maze Castle MANGA CANON
15 Genbu, the Stone Beast MANGA CANON
16 Byakko, the White Tiger MANGA CANON
17 Byakko’s Lair MANGA CANON
18 Seiryu, the Blue Dragon MANGA CANON
19 Suzaku, Leader of the Beasts MANGA CANON
20 Seven Ways to Die MANGA CANON
21 Yusuke’s Sacrifice MANGA CANON
22 Lamenting Beauty MANGA CANON
23 The Toguro Brothers Gang MANGA CANON
24 The Deadly Triad MANGA CANON
25 Kuwabara’s Fight of Love MANGA CANON
26 Toguro Returns MANGA CANON
27 The Dark Tournament Begins MANGA CANON
28 First Fight MANGA CANON
29 Flowers of Blood MANGA CANON
30 Dragon of the Darkness Flame MANGA CANON
31 Stumbling Warrior MANGA CANON
32 Knife Edge Death-Match MANGA CANON
33 A Day in Waiting MANGA CANON
34 Percentage of Victory MANGA CANON
35 Glimpse Beneath the Mask MANGA CANON
36 Ambition Destroyed: A Trial of Light MANGA CANON
37 Master of Disguise MANGA CANON
38 Kurama’s Stand MANGA CANON
39 Crushing Revenge MANGA CANON
40 Jin, the Wind Master MANGA CANON
41 Reverse Decisions MANGA CANON
42 A Master of Love and Death MANGA CANON
43 The Masked Fighter Revealed MANGA CANON
44 Yusuke’s Final Test MANGA CANON
45 Hiei Battles On MANGA CANON
46 Many Faces, Many Forms MANGA CANON
47 Legendary Bandit: Yoko Kurama MANGA CANON
48 The Cape of No Return MANGA CANON
49 Genkai’s Strength MANGA CANON
50 Suzuka’s Challenge MANGA CANON
51 Arch-Rivals MANGA CANON
52 The Death of Genkai MANGA CANON
53 Overcoming Grief MANGA CANON
54 The Beginning of the End MANGA CANON
55 The Beast Within the Dark MANGA CANON
56 Yoko’s Magic MANGA CANON
57 Beneath Bui’s Armor MANGA CANON
58 Wielder of the Dragon MANGA CANON
59 The Shadow of Elder Toguro MANGA CANON
60 Sakyo’s Proposal MANGA CANON
61 Yusuke vs. Toguro MANGA CANON
62 Toguro’s Full Power MANGA CANON
63 Yusuke’s Despair MANGA CANON
64 Toguro’s Desire MANGA CANON
65 Out With a Bang MANGA CANON
66 Toguro’s Wish MANGA CANON
67 Return to Living World MANGA CANON
68 Setting the Trap MANGA CANON
69 The Power of Taboo MANGA CANON
70 Genkai’s Ruse MANGA CANON
71 The Tunnel MANGA CANON
72 The Reader MANGA CANON
73 The Doctor’s Disease MANGA CANON
74 Sleep, Doctor, Sleep MANGA CANON
75 Caught in the Rain MANGA CANON
76 Kuwabara: Awakening MANGA CANON
77 Sensui’s Fall MANGA CANON
78 Divide and Conquer MANGA CANON
79 The Human Race MANGA CANON
80 Moving Target MANGA CANON
81 Let the Games Begin MANGA CANON
82 If You Could Play Forever MANGA CANON
83 Game Over MANGA CANON
84 Kurama’s Anger, Gourmet’s Guest MANGA CANON
85 Spirit Detective Showdown MANGA CANON
86 The Difference Maker MANGA CANON
87 Power Between the Teeth MANGA CANON
88 The True Face of Sensui MANGA CANON
89 Death of a Spirit Detective MANGA CANON
90 Attempting Revenge MANGA CANON
91 Waking the Lost MANGA CANON
92 The Proof MANGA CANON
93 Sensui’s End MANGA CANON
94 Topside MANGA CANON
95 Yusuke’s Destiny MANGA CANON
96 Three Strangers, Three Kings MANGA CANON
97 Departing Living World MANGA CANON
98 Return to Demon World MANGA CANON
99 Haunted by the Past MANGA CANON
100 The Secret of the Jagan MANGA CANON
101 Reunion of the Bandits MANGA CANON
102 Torn Between Identities MANGA CANON
103 Inheritance MANGA CANON
104 Every Demon for Himself MANGA CANON
105 The Preliminaries MANGA CANON
106 The Battle of Father and Son MANGA CANON
110 A Reason to Fight MANGA CANON
112 To the Future MANGA CANON

What is Yu Yu Hakusho All About?

Yu Yu Hakuso Filler List

The story of this anime follows a 14-year-old teenage boy named Yuusuke Urameshi. He sacrificed his life to save a young boy from a car, and his life ended.

Looking at Yuusuke’s sacrifice, the spirit realm team did not allow him to pass his life. Koenma, the king of the throne of the spirit realm, gifts Yuusuke a chance at another life.

If you have missed watching this anime, it is available on NETFLIX. You can watch it anytime with a subscription of your name.

Should You Skip Yu Yu Hakusho’s Filler Episodes?

The answer is maybe NO!

You might be surprised to read the answer, but it is the reality. Many resources have said that the filler episodes are a masterpiece in themselves. Especially the episode- The Demon Tournament Begin is one of the best filler episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho that cannot be missed.

So, if you have some time, then watch the whole series to witness some best filler episodes of time. You can skip them if you are running out of time.


In the end, we want to say that manga and anime were both great hits. If you have missed watching it, you can sincerely watch it now, and if possible, do not skip the filler episodes.

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