Top 27 Yuri Anime That Will Fill Your Heart With Love, Harmony, And Joy

If you’re looking for an anime that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, this list is just for you! It is admirable to see two girls fall in love despite the numerous obstacles in their path. We decided to round up 31 of the greatest yuri anime shows of all time. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.


Top 27 Yuri Anime

1.  Yuri Yuri

Yuri yuri is a story of a girl who is on the moon after rejoining forces with her childhood buddies after going to middle school as a first-year.

Soon she and her friends from sophomore would form a tea club which would soon get disbanded in order to start an amusement club whose sole purpose is to amuse other people.

Sounds boring but in reality, these adorable girls have lots of fun flattering one another.

It is quite admirable to see how they make each other feel valued and loved, even though they funnily behave as if Akari doesn’t exist.

2. Yuri Kuma Arashi

This is the perfect anime to define the phrase ‘trial of love’.

Yuri Kuma Arashi is a world where humans used to peacefully coexist with humanoid bears who would never misbehave, let alone harm someone.

But one day after the strike of a meteor, these bears’ cells mutated quite abruptly and instilled in them the desire of eating other humans aka cannibalization.

Soon, these man-slaughterers ate as many humans as they could until one day, humanity fought back and viciously murdered many of these bears who once used to be their friends.

Now a wall has been erected to separate these two civilizations but a couple of female bears could not help themselves but fall in love with a bear-hating human.

Eventually, their romance had to come to a halt as the government interfered.

This caused them to fight for their love and take back the freedom that they truly desire.

3.  Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru

Otome wa Boku ni koishiteru is about a boy named, Mizuho, who deeply respected his grandfather.

But one day he died and this changed his life permanently for the next 3 years to come.

The problem arose because his grandfather’s last wish was for Mizuho to enroll in the school built by his ancestors.

Although this seems good and well, you will be shocked when you learn that it is not just some ordinary school.

It’s actually an all-girls school.

Laughter ensues as Mizuho dresses up like a cute girl scout and starts attending classes while behaving in a very feminine manner.

4. Strawberry Panic

On Nagisa’s first day of high school, she expected it to be all roses and rainbows but unfortunately, she was sent to the clinic after an accident.

No, she didn’t injure herself.

What happened was, as she was walking through the corridors she met a girl so glamorous and angelic, it made her faint as a result because of the immense shock.

Needless to say, she was heels over head in love with this girl whose beauty is explained by the fact that she is known as the ‘star’ of the school named Shizuma.

Lucky for Nagisa, Shizuma is also passionately interested in her.

Thus begins their romantic story.

5.  Ms. Vampire Who Lives In My Neighborhood

The story starts as people begin gossiping about a girl who can only be seen at night when she goes to the city to buy some goods.

However, every night she can be seen returning to her huge mansion that is located in the middle of the forest.

Eager to find out the truth, Akari heads out to the forest to find out about this ghostlike being.

But unlucky for her, she gets lost and just when evil was about to take her for granted, Akari was saved by the very ghost she set out to hunt.

It turned out that her savior was not a ghost, instead, she was just a vampire named Sophie Twilight.

Akari was very relieved to find out that Sophie has never harmed humans and procures her blood from people on the internet.

Akari moves in with Sophie and soon they become infatuated with one another.

6. Mai-Hime

Fuuka academy falls in trouble as terrifying monsters have invaded the school and are harming masses of innocent people.

In retaliation, 13 girls were called and asked to use their supernatural powers to fight against these behemoths.

The heroine of the show is Mai who was initially shocked to see that she was able to control a ‘Child’.

These warriors were created from science and spiritual power.

As time passes by these 13 Himes grow closer to one another because of their shared goal of eliminating these assailants known as orphans.

But as their misfortune would have it, more groups of monsters began wreaking mayhem all around the school.

Will the himes successfully eradicate these groups or will one of them finally meet their end?

7. Konohana Kitan 

Not in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined watching such an amazing anime where charming fox-girls were flattering each other while working at a hot spring.

The protagonist of the show is none other than the clumsy Yuzu, who newly joined the inn and is being mentored by her very attractive colleagues.

Even though she has a lot of silly moments because of her inexperience, her friends always take it in stride and just laugh about it rather than cry.

Soon, she begins a budding romantic relationship with Satsuki who also reciprocates the feelings but has a very funny way of showing it.

If you are looking for an anime that instills hours of joy inside you, Konohana Kitan is exactly what you’re looking for.

8. Bloom Into You 

This anime’s main character is just like us! Yuu loves everything related to romance but her top favorite has always been the romantic shoujo mangas she reads every day.

When she’s not reading she’s usually listening to love songs all night long.

Inevitably she began to wonder if she could ever find true love.

But one day, her dreams came true.

The queenlike secretary of her school confessed her love to Yuu and that assured Yuu that maybe there is a chance for her empty heart to find what it has been looking for.

Will Yuu finally find the feeling she has been looking for? Only one way to find out.

9.  Maria†Holic

Ever wished to have a bond as strong as the one between your love-dovey parents? Well, then you are just like the protagonist of this anime! Kanako yearned for what her parents had sought out to find a partner for herself.

But due to being hurt by boys in the past, she is now only interested in women like her.

This led her to join an all-girls school where it should’ve been easy to find the love of her life.

And she did! Shinouji was as pretty as a rose but there was a small problem, Shinouji is actually a cross-dressing boy….

To make matters worse, Shinoji threatened Kanako to avoid spilling his secret, for if she did so, he would tell all the girls everything about Kanako’s lustful intentions.

10. Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi (Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne)

Rin Asogi is an immortal after eating the fruit of a legendary tree known as Yggdrasil.

She runs a private investigation agency along with her pretty blue-haired assistant named Mimi who is also an immortal young woman.

Well not as young as she looks, of course.

Together these two lovely women fight against evil and solve case after case but that came to a halt thanks to an immortal angel whose only desire was to sacrifice Rin to the tree Yggdrasil.

He sent an assassin named Laura to murder Rin but each time she failed her mission she was reincarnated in order to fight against Rin one more time.

But the formidable partnership between Rin and Mimi always proved fatal for all their foes.

11.  Adachi to Shimamura

Remember when our teachers told us to never bunk classes? Well, Adachi and Shimamura forgot about that and decided to hang around on the rooftop instead.

Little did they know what fate had in store for them as they began to form the strongest of bonds and quickly sorted out their differing personalities.

But this friendship would soon turn into something more.

Adachi used to be an utter introvert and never spoke to anyone and Shimamura also found it quite strenuous to form a budding relationship with anyone but her girlfriend Adachi.

12. Sakura Trick

These two best friends from middle school consider themselves very lucky to be able to attend the same high school together. They both have amazing hair.

Excited and full of joy they went to class on the very first day only to be shocked beyond compare.

Not only did they learn that the school was closing down soon, but they also sadly learned that both of them had to sit on opposite sides of the class.

Haruka and Yuu were both devastated.

Haruka even more so, because she was stricken with envy after watching all the girls in the school attracted to Yuu’s attractive personality.

After realizing this, Yuu was upset about Haruka’s jealousy and because of that she kissed Haruka and shared an intense moment with her.

After that their friendship evolved into something very valuable and special.

13.  Kanamewo

how majestic would it be to fall in love with a Goddess? When biking from home a young lady found a tree goddess in the park trying to protect her shrine.

This shrine was home to the Goddess and she wanted to protect it with every inch of her life but unfortunately, the evil government wanted to break it down in order to erect a building in its place.

Fortunately, this Goddess was saved by a young girl biking from home.

She knew the goddess would’ve been severely harmed and because of that, she chose to be brave and take a stand.

Once they get back home the two women gradually form an unbreakable bond and start plotting how to rectify the sad situation that they’re in.

This short film has been widely received all around the world because of its beautiful story but more so because of the marvelous animation used by the directors

14. Candy boy

Candy boy features two highly attractive twin sisters who are strongly bonded to one another.

In fact, their love runs so deep they decided to live together and go on romantic excursions where they spent time having fun and loving each other.

But it all goes south when one of the sisters named Yukino starts to hang out with another cute girl named Sakuya.

This leads Kanade to believe that her sister is no longer close to her.

And because of that, she distances herself from her very own sister, Yukino.

However, Sakuya and Yukino were never dating or romantically involved.

Instead, Sakuya was simply asking for advice on how to confess her undying love for Kanade.

Therefore, Yukino desperately tried to bring back Kanade into her life but soon a love triangle forms and drama begins to ensue.

15.  Citrus

The bubbly and very outgoing Yuzu decided to quit being depressed about her mom’s new marriage and start being excited about the adventures life has to offer.

And apparently, the adventure she chose was love.

More specifically, her first kiss.

That dream almost felt too real to be true when she realized that her new all-girls school had very strict rules and its more obedient students would never hesitate to avoid doing something fun and enjoyable.

Yuzu tried to make her way into the hearts of the girls but failed to do so because of the ultrastrict student council president Mai who turns out to be her stepsister.

Yuzu who did not pay attention to her stubbornness began teasing Mai and trying to get her to open up.

Suddenly mei pins yuzu to the ground and passionately kisses yuzu and doesn’t let her go.

Yuzu notices the pain in her eyes and starts thinking about how the two of them are going to live their life.

16. Shoujo Sect: Innocent Lovers

Shinobu and her childhood friend Momoko shared an intimate kiss and promised to meet again after a few years.

Their wishes were granted after they both enrolled in the same school but surprisingly both of them developed completely opposite personalities and this really upset Shinobu who wanted to restore the relationship they once had.

Momoko was the student council president while Shinobu was a socialite who streamed through life with several of her lovers.

This promise almost felt as if it never happened as the stringent Momoko refuses to give in to Shinobu’s advances.

Will Momoko finally open up to Shinobu and relish life as she once did?

17.  Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san

Yachiyo is very outgoing and attached to cats but her friend Suzu is quite introverted and is only fond of dogs.

But you know what they say, opposites attract.

And that’s why no matter how different Yachiyo is from Suzu, their relationship is spectacularly vibrant and supported by their friends.

Afterward, they join the biology club and meet a variety of characters such as Mikine who is totally mouse-like, and our extrovert, Yachiyo, is completely attracted to having a cat-mouse relationship with the very petite Mikine.

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san is a story filled with comedy and laughter so if you are looking to brighten up your day, this anime is sure to do wonders.

This is a comedy yuri anime without a doubt.

18. Kannazuki No Miko

The queen of the sun and the queen of the moon has been reincarnated into the bodies of Himeko and Chikane who happen to be students at the same academy.

To say Himeko is similar to Chikane is to say fire is similar to water.

Their opposite personalities could’ve been the wall separating the two, but their love for each other is so immense that no force or object could divide the two Goddesses.

However, a group of villains knows as ‘Yamata no Orochi yearn for the lives of our two heroines and would do whatever it takes to end their lives.

However, the lunar and solar priestesses finally unleashed their legendary power and were able to retaliate against these behemoths.

To make matters worse, these Orochis have begun attacking civilians.

19. Asagao to Kase-san.

Asagao to Kase-san features Yui, a high school girl who is enamored with greenery and gardening but when she glances upon the popular but humble track runner named Tomoka, she is quick to fall in love.

What is so great about this anime is that the love these two share for each other grow more and more profound as the days go by.

It is simply admirable to watch an introvert come out of her shell and grasp what her heart yearns for.

Tomoka relishes the dreamlike experience of having a first love and would do whatever it takes to help Yui open up to everybody.

20.   Mahou Shojo Lyrical Nanoha

Poor Asa is fed up with life and just wishes everything would come to an end.

The ruthless bullying she has to endure, the beatings delivered by her very own brother, and her friend-less existence all ate her up on the inside.

However, one day she found a website on her laptop that exclaimed that Asa would gain magical powers.

Thinking this was a prank, she closed her laptop and went on with her miserable life.

Suddenly she found a magical gun in her locker cabinet and still thought it was part of the prank.

Despite her little faith, she was seconds away from being bullied by those fiends in her school.

Impulsively, she pulled the trigger on them and they were magically sent to a rail track that is moments away from being stomped over by an enormous train.

Becoming a murderer scarred Asa for life but she found a blonde girl who wished to teach everything about magic.

Soon they built a formidable bond as they fought their foes.

21. Kiniro Mosaic

Although it was hard, young Shinobu still adjusted to starting a new life in London.

This was largely due to the new friend she had made while living there.

Even though they were unable to speak the same language, the friendship was quite vivid.

But sadness struck as it was time to return to Japan and the two of them thought this separation was final and permanent.

Luckily, one day Shinobu learned that her friend is also coming to Japan to enroll in her high school.

The best part is they were going to be living together again just like in the old days! Alice and Shinobu continued their budding relationship for the days to come.

Soon they made 3 new friends and formed a group of fun-loving young women.

22.   El Cazador De La Bruja

This is a story of a determined woman who is sick of being an amnesiac.

She embarks on a journey to the ‘Eternal city’ in an attempt to restore her beloved memories.

Surprisingly, Ellis is also accused of the murder of a renowned scientist but as she does not remember anything, how is it possible to prove her guiltiness? But as luck would have it, a grueling bounty hunter named Nadie swore to hand her over so that she gets punished for her crimes.

Before doing so, she decided to join her on the journey to the eternal city – Winay marka.

Will they find the majestic gemstone in the end? Only one way to find out!

23. Sasameki Koto

Sumika is the ideal female.

She is tall, pretty, highly intellectual, and is a gifted athlete capable of beating down people larger than her.

This is all thanks to her prodigious abilities in karate.

However, her love for Ushio leads her to quit karate in order to become ‘cuter’, as wished by Ushio.

Sumika tried to make multiple relationships work but the only person that would please her is none other than the very ravishing Ushio.

After failing to beguile other women with her charm, Ushio soon started to develop an interest in Sumika but since her fear of rejection, she doesn’t try to confess her true feelings.

Sasameki Koto is the story of how two women secretly love each other but outside influence always gets in the way of these two.

24. Tachibanakan To Lie Angle

Returning to Tokyo after a long 6 years enabled Hanabi to regain all her lost memories.

Excited to finally begin her new high school life, she walks inside the dormitory only to receive the shock of her life.

Hanabi was as starstruck as one could possibly ever be after an angelic young woman walked past her while being naked.

In addition to finding the love of her life, she also found her friend from childhood.

As Hanabi had a foreigner’s demeanor, she became very popular as she was able to stand out from the rest of the ladies.

Would Hanabi ever receive the attention of the only girl her heart aches for?

25. Maria-sama Ga Miteru

Lillian girls academy is the most prestigious catholic all-girls school in Tokyo.

So transferring to this school was indeed a dream come true for Yumi Fukuzawa.

However, one day she had the pleasure of speaking to the most alluring woman in the entire school.

It appeared that Sachiko wanted to become the souer (sister) of Yumi.

To accept, would mean that Sachiko will guide Yumi for the rest of her high school years.

Although any sane human would never decline such a stellar request, there was the burden of becoming the new center of attention of everybody that ever steps foot inside the academy.

26.  Noir

Noir is the codename assigned to two spectacular assassins who were destined to lead a group of soldiers.

Kirika and Mireille live in an apartment in Paris and usually embark on journeys in order to find out how Kirika became an amnesiac.

They are also keen on knowing the foundation of the strong relationship between the two. Peril arrives as a group of gunmen ambushed Kirika as she was just about to enter Mireille’s apartment.

Swiftly and with precision, Kirika eliminated all the assailants.

This shocked Mireille who was also more than capable of performing the same feat. Together they became Noir and took on multiple assassinations jobs which ultimately bought them closer to the truth

27. Riddle Story of Devil

From the yuri manga comes an anime named Riddle Story of Devil.

Imagine enrolling in a school with 11 people who are just the same as you.

Isn’t that exciting?! But not for young Haru as the 11 new students have only one goal and that is to assassinate this young woman as quickly as possible.

Whoever scores the kill first is rewarded with treasures beyond imagination.

Although her life is in peril, Haru continues to gracefully fight back against these monsters to protect her honor.

But never in her wildest dreams did she think that one of the assassins would fall in love with her and swear to protect her from these monsters.

Frequently asked questions

Which yuri anime is the best

The best yuri anime has got to be Sasameki Koto because of how determined Sumika is to make Ushio fall in love with her. She goes through many trials and hurdles but in the end, Ushio begins to show signs of interest.

Why is there no good yuri anime?

To find a good yuri anime, you have to look in the right places. That’s why we came up with this list of the best yuri animes to ever show on television. It features many popular shows that teach viewers everything they need to know about love, friendship, and endurance.

What does Yuri mean in anime?

Yuri anime is a genre where the key focus is the romantic relationship between two girls. It focuses on their personalities and the hurdles each of the girls has to face before finding what they are desperately looking for. The literal definition of Yuri is ‘Girls love’. Yuri animes are similar to a harem anime.

Is there any yuri anime?

There are lots of awesome yuri animes out there that totally binge-watch worthy. They include middle school girls and high school girls as well. Each of them are full of yuri moments Read our list to learn all the best ones that are out there today!

Is K on a yuri genre?

No K-on is not a yuri anime. It is an anime about 4 girls who want to become rockstars and produce the best music their school has ever listened to. If you want to read about the best yuri animes, you should read this list.

Where can I watch shrine maiden yuri anime?

You can watch yuri animes on anime streaming websites such as gogoanime, kissanime, Crunchyroll, and others. To learn about the best yuri anime out there right now, be sure to read this list and find the perfect yuri anime to binge-watch with your friends. The best part is many of these animes are only 12 episodes


Hopefully, after reading this post you now have a clear idea of what yuri anime series you should watch next.

Now it’s your turn.

Out of all these shows, which of these shows do you think is the best? Is it ‘Bloom into you’ because of the delightful romance?

Or was it Sasameki koto because of how determined Sumika is?

Either way let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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