19+ BEST PSP RPGs – [Don’t miss this ONE!]


This list is for all the gamers who love to play PSP RPGs games and want to know more about PSP RPGs games.

This list is full of PSP RPGs and their worthy successor games.


1-Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.


Many strategy RPG fans consider Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together to be one of the greatest examples of the genre. It was first launched for the Super Nintendo, then reworked for the PlayStation and Saturn before arriving on the PlayStation Portable. The tale in this remake has mostly remained the same, but various new mechanisms have been introduced to affect the way it plays out.



This is one of the most interesting and finest PSP games released in 2015.

Antiques have a seductive attraction to them, appealing to our imaginations and evoking a false nostalgia for a time that most of us are too young to recall. These antiques have a soothing aura about them. They provide living history, and a peek into the past. It’s a thin link to where we came from, a place we’ve never been and won’t be able to return to.

Brandish The Dark Revenant is an ancient but one this is kind of relaunch. Falcom’s legendary role-playing game first appeared on the PC in 1991. It was then ported to the SNES and then redone for the PlayStation Portable in 2009, but only in Japan. A localization has finally come on western coasts, more than a half-decade later. It’s better to be late than never.

3-The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky


When it arrived on North American beaches in 2011, this modest adventure far exceeded our wildest expectations. With six games to date, Trails in the Sky has one of the most brilliantly represented environments of any RPG series. It also includes well-written, likeable characters whose interactions are consistently engaging.

The series’ scale is also astonishing, given that this 40-hour game is simply the first instalment of a critically praised trilogy with recurrent characters, subplots, and musical motifs.

This game is one of the best because it’s not too tough to play, which allow kids of age group around 10-15 to reach the higher level quickly, and it is also easy for those who are not into gaming so much.

4-Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection


Final Fantasy IV was first released in 1991 as a 2D RPG for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and was later rebuilt in 3D for the Nintendo DS portable console and the PSP.

On the PSP, you can play any version of Final Fantasy IV, including the original and remake. 

You may also play Final Fantasy IV The After Year. A game in which you take on the role of Cecil’s son, a dark warrior who transforms into a paladin to fight enemies.

With a mediaeval royal-style narrative wrapped in a well-crafted turn-based RPG-style game. Final Fantasy IV is the finest RPG series that will confuse your emotions.

5-Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII


We are all now bored of the main game of Final fantasy because we played it too many times, and the story and the gameplay are the same but not with Core Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, which features more dynamic gameplay.

It’s no longer a turn-based game. Instead, you may now move players around and strike foes in real-time.

Crisis core in Final Fantasy VII Core is a direct precursor to Final Fantasy VII, and this game you play as a SOLDIER member named Zack, rather than Cloud.

6-Trilogy The Legend of Heroes: Trails in The Sky

Trails in the Sky, a PSP game based on The Legend of Heroes series, offers an outstanding plot and world-building.

In 2004 this game was got, but it was pc version, but then it was released for PSP also in 2006. Until 2011, XSeed, the game’s developer, localized it into English and released it in 2011.

Trails in the Sky and Trails in the Sky SC were both launched in 2015, and the English version follows in their footsteps.

The English versions of the three games took longer to release than the Japanese versions due to a large amount of interaction and vocabulary that needed to be translated.

This indicates that the plot will feature a lot of character interaction. For example, the Trails series uses a turn-based system with unique powers for each character for a unique gameplay experience. Interested? If you’re into Android gaming, you might want to have a look at this.

7-Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable


Persona series is more like RPG gamers 1st love or maybe the game every portable gamer played. And if not, then I guess they should not tell themselves RPG gamers.

This is one of the most spectacular role-playing games, with millions of fans eagerly anticipating each new instalment. Persona is an RPG that is a spin-off of the Shin Megami Tensei video game franchise.

Shin Megami Tensei and Persona have a lot in common in that they both include diverse creatures based on world tales. These monsters Persona in the Persona game if Shin Megami Tensei is referred to be a demon.

The Persona 3 Portable game series is a Portable game and one of the best games and the third game of the Persona series.

So, whether you want to remember about Persona 3 or you’re playing it for the first time. Persona 3 Portable mixes aspects of dungeon crawling with elements of forming relationships with other people.

You’ll take on the role of a protagonist whose gender you can choose. For example, you’ll be transported to “another planet” known as Dark Hour, which occurs between 12 and 1 a.m. the next day.

“To eliminate the roving Shadows, you must investigate a tower known as Tartarus in Dark Hour”

Persona is an image body in this game that will aid you in combating Shadow in Tartarus. The dark half of someone who is constantly concealed or unnoticed by mankind.

You’ll run into Igor, who always appears at the start of each Persona game, accompanied by his aide Elizabeth. You can get all of the Persona by combining them or getting them at random while fighting the adversary.

Persona 3 Portable includes RPG components and offers a companion character with intriguing stories to listen to. Furthermore, you will join the guy as he forms Social Links with his pals in order to “construct” a unique persona.

It’s only logical that Persona 3 Portable has some feature reductions because it’s a portable edition. As a result, you can’t use 3D motion to explore the environment outside of Tartarus; instead, you must use a point-and-click interface.

It also differs from the PS2 version in that no anime footage may be viewed. The Persona 3 Portable game series is a PlayStation Portable game.

8-Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep


If you ever played the Kingdom Hearts series on PS2, you will love this version of birth by sleep more than your previous Kingdom Heart game. Because we all know that Kingdom Hearts chronology is one of the best.

Instead, the Birth by Sleep series sets off the Kingdom Hearts series.

In terms of its RPG status, Kingdom Hearts is still a fun title to play, especially because you get to meet a variety of Disney characters.

Kingdom Hearts isn’t for you in that scenario, and it’s a different tale if you enjoy complicated and interesting plots.

With hack-and-slash gameplay and well-known characters like Disney’s Donald Duck and Goofy, as well as Final Fantasy VII’s Zack Flair. This PSP RPG action game will keep you entertained.

9-YS: Seven


Did you love Adol last journey or Ys seven previous game? Then you’re ready to move on to the next stage in Adol’s journey. PSP owners can now play the YS Seven series. 

This game may be thought of as a re-release or a sequel to Ys 7.

Real-time fighting and a hack-and-slash combat style add to the dynamic and stressful character of conflicts in this game, as in the others in the Ys series.

A different weapon system allows you to vary your play style. For example, you must assault the adversary and determine the most efficient weapon type against each type of enemy.

The Nihon Falcom company’s Ys: Seven games have also earned a lot of appreciation for their gaming mechanics and beautiful soundtrack.

10-Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions


War of the lions is not like your usual Final fantasy RGPGs game or PSP game. This version is really exciting and way different from the other version. But it is also one of the final fantasy series games.

Maybe you’ve already played this game on the PlayStation 1 and don’t want to do so again, but don’t be tricked, and if you like boss battles, then you will like this.

The PSP version contains a lot more content than the original version! You can now enjoy a range of new cutscenes, as well as some tweaking to make the gameplay more balanced.

Plus, this time around, Final Fantasy Tactics boasts complete voice acting. This means that each character’s voice may be heard in every dialogue. In addition, there were two new jobs: Onion Knight and Dark Knight.

11-Wild Arms FX


There’s something unique about this tactical role-playing game. For example, if Fire Emblem-style games with grid-shaped grids bore you. Wild Arms FX will provide you with a range of different adventures using a hexagonal grid.

At first appearance, the gameplay style appears to be rather typical. So those of you who have played other tactical RPG games like Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem will have no trouble.

Here, you must strive to arrange your heroes in specific formations in order to deal more damage to the adversary.

If you are persistent in grinding your character, you can swap classes and gain permanent skills. 

However, even if the character has changed classes. The skill can be assigned to the character if it has achieved it.

With a great storyline and a class system, Wild Arms FX is one of the best RPG titles on the PSP. If you enjoy role-playing games, you must try Wild Arms FX.



Ultimate Alliance is a role-playing game that features more comic book characters than any other video game. 

Spider-Man, Wolverine, Blade, and Captain America are among the more than 20 Marvel Super Heroes that gamers may encounter. Their choices have an impact on the fate of both planet Earth and the Marvel universe. As revealed in one of the various epilogues.

As they continue through the storey, players can entirely personalize their team’s name, icon, and vehicle, as well as the reputation of their squad. Gamers can also choose to level up each character separately or all of their team members at once to keep their heroes balanced.

Players grapple, block, and dodge their way through the world’s most infamous Marvel Super Villains in the air, underwater, and on the ground. Charging up their Super Hero powers before releasing them and using nearby objects as one- and two-handed weapons.

This game has so many heroes with different features, characters with special powers, and so many main characters.

The missions that players take, the objectives that they fulfil. And their interactions with other characters all have an impact on the plot of Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

In both online and offline cooperative storey modes. Players may team up with their pals as their favourite Marvel Super Heroes to fight evil.

A competitive mode is also available, and that is what also makes this game one of the best PSP RPG games.

The game keeps track of a variety of in-game variables so that players can see how they stack up against one another. Allowing them to adjust their experience points and equipment allocation.

If you have free time, then you should play this game because it also has multiple endings. Which make this game the best RPGs, and you can consider it a full-fledged remake of marvels characters.

13-Star Ocean: Second Evolution


This one has 2D graphics that seem like sprites from the past. The PlayStation 1 game Star Ocean The Second Story has been remastered as Second Evolution.

A few modifications to the soundtrack, extra anime material. And a few storey enhancements are among the minor adjustments to the content.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced fight but don’t want to wait for a turn-based game. Star Ocean Second Evolution might be the answer. So, yes, this RPG has real-time combat.

Oh, and the best thing is that Star Ocean Second Evolution has up to 100 different endings to choose from!

14-Monster Hunter Freedom Unite


The Monster Hunter franchise has a lot of people baffled. Is it a more action-packed movie? Your frame of view determines the solution.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is befitting of the title if Our characters’ development depth defines RPGs.

This game does not have a levelling system. But your character will become stronger as well as the items you gain through successful crafting.

There are numerous quests here that require you to fight supergiant and powerful foes using a variety of weapons, such as greatswords, long swords, arrows, double swords, and more. So prepare to give it your all because the enemies in this game are difficult to defeat.

You can consider Monster hunter freedom as a PSP RPG older game because people now consider it in the older games list.

15-Half-Minute Hero


Half-Minute Hero is the only game in RPGFan’s review archives that is labelled as an RPG. It was named PSP Game of the Year in 2009 for its uniqueness, which was defined correctly as “blowing a raspberry in the face of tradition.”

Half-Minute Hero is one of those rare RPGs that utterly flipped our perceptions of Japanese RPGs on its heads. Half-Minute Hero delivers quests that pack every RPG standard, from talking to NPCs in town to defeating deadly enemies, into bite-size chunks that last no more than a few minutes.

In addition to the RPG mode, other gaming modes include bite-sized RTS missions, action missions, and even “lord of the hill/protect the VIP” scenarios.

This satirically humorous game didn’t mind marching to the beat of its own drum. Instead, the ultimate result was a one-of-a-kind, refreshing, and unforgettable experience that cannot be adequately articulated.

This game is so much more than the sum of its parts that it easily merits a spot among the best 20 RPGs for the PSP.

16-Lunar: Silver Star Harmony


This remake had highly updated graphics and newly orchestrated music, enhancing an already stunning looking and sounding game.

The voice actors are different from those in the PlayStation version, but they do an excellent job, as though watching two different casts perform a favourite Broadway play.

XSEED also performed a fantastic job with the localization. The Working Designs humour is still present, but there are no anachronistic pop culture references from the 1990s. Resulting in a more timeless tale.

Because of the contested design choice of more streamlined dungeons and less severe difficulty. Silver Star Harmony does not receive a better score.

Even yet, it will always and forever be a lovely RPG classic that every genre enthusiast would adore.

17-Jeanne D’Arc


One of the first RPG heavyweights on the PSP was Level-5’s alternate timeline take on the storey of Jeanne D’Arc (that’s Joan of Arc for all you heathens). And many of us here at RPGFan fondly recall the game’s weird blend of personalization and warfare.

While the tale finally veered into the fantastical territory. It’s difficult to deny that this strategy RPG had the appropriate mix of Level-5 magic, tactics, and character development.

The fascination of skillfully beating France’s adversaries as heroes like Jeanne and Gilles de Rais is undeniable. Which is why we knew this game had to make our PSP top 20.

 18-Riviera: The Promised Land


It isn’t that programme that is constantly advertised on Sky Q.

Riviera The Promised Land was first released on Gunpei Yokoi’s wonderful WonderSwan portable and is considered one of the best PSP RPGs.

Riviera is rare for a handheld game in that it is fully voiced from beginning to end.

Riviera’s six playable characters are also fantastic. Each with its own unique backstories, skills, and personality quirks that can aid you in your mission.

Riviera’s six playable characters are also fantastic, each with their own unique backstories skills. And personality quirks that can aid you in your mission.

The storyline for The Promised Land is based on Norse mythology. With Ragnarok and Asgard playing major roles in establishing the tone for what is to come.

Expect a lot of mystical spells and glittering swords, as well as Grim Angels and funny-sounding location names.



The PSP allows fans of the famous Phantasy Star Universe series to explore Gurhal on the go. Up to four pals get together to solve the exclusive new plot that continues up to where Phantasy Star Universe leaves off and before PSU Ambition of the Illuminus begins.

By the conclusion of PSU, the alien SEED invasion was supposed to be under control. But a new threat has struck the Gurhal system, as well as neighbouring systems.

Players must explore the pollution and wipe out the impacted species with the help of a new character named Vivienne. Players will go deeper than ever before into the secrets of the Phantasy Star Universe in this interesting new instalment.

What are the best PSP RPGs?

The final fantasy series is one of the best PSP RPGs games.

Best RPGs for PSP emulator?

PPSSPP is considered one of the best emulators

This is for the list of best PSP RPGs games, and I hope you like it and will find it helpful to you.


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