So this list is going to be new for many anime fans because mainly we all watch Japanese anime, but today I’m going to tell you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT MARVELS ANIME: X-MEN anime series and movies.

After reading this, you are sure going to be tempted to watch X-Men Anime movies and series. Because they are the founders of the animation industry. Before, we all knew about Naruto, One Piece, and other animes. We all used to watch X-men anime and spiderman anime.

Many of us maybe know x-men cartoons from our childhood. So for all the ’90s kids, this is something you should be happy about.

Marvel Anime Series


Let’s start our talk about the Marvel anime series. As we all know, stan lee is the main creator of the marvel universe but along with him. Jack Kirby is an animation book artist, and since the age of 16, he has been working as an animation artist.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were not the original creators of marvel comic books. Instead, they were the artist of the superheroes we see nowadays before Marvel used to be the Timely comics started by martin goodman in 1939.

In 1951 it got famous and became known as Atlas Comics, and then in 1961. The marvel comics began, and since then, it has been the world’s most famous comic book and industry.

At first, Marvel used to publish science fiction series, which were a journey into mystery and pastry walker.

Stan lee Introduced the first superhero into the Marvel comics, which were later called marvel age comics. The fantastic four was the first superhero comic by Marvel and after that. An amazing spider man came, and that changed the whole thing for Marvel.

X-Men anime created its own status and became the most famous comic around the globe because of the characters and story of every individual character.



We will discuss the little main characters of X-Men, But if you want to know full details about every character. It will help if you read the other article about them on this website.

  • Charles Xavier: He is Professor Xavier. The creator of the X-Men group and one of the most powerful characters in the series.
  • Beast (Hank Mccoy): He is really intelligent, and you can say that it’s hard to run the School of Mutants without him. He has super reflex and great strength when it comes to his powers. This is why the beast’s name is given to him.
  • He also found a cure for Damon hall syndrome, which is not really good for mutants.
  • Jean Elaine Grey: We all can say that Jean is the most powerful character in this series. But there is also a twist to it as jean is so damn powerful that even she can’t control her true power.
  • After the phoenix saga series, we learned about another Jean. Who is a duplicate of her, and if you don’t know the story, you should watch them!
  • Storm: Storm’s beginnings are based on comic books. She was orphaned when she was young and spent her life on the streets, stealing to make ends meet. But after joining the X-Men and meeting professor Xavier, her life changed, and she became one of the favorite characters.
  • If we talk about her power, then she can control the weather because she can bring storms anytime. That’s why her name is a storm.


  • He is the most famous character in the X-Men series. And that’s why every fan loves him and the way he is. Because of that, there are solo Wolverine movies and anime series which were loved by all. His powers are regenerating, with metal claws and great strength.
  • Cyclops(Scott): The X-commander Men’s in the field. This Cyclops looks a lot like the one from the comic books. He is normally rigid, although he has voiced misgivings about his own leadership on occasion. Jean Grey is his true love, and he marries her at the end of the show. Cyclops is shown as a young man in his late twenties.
  • Magneto: The Professor’s friend wanted to make world peace with his power. But turned into evil because of some events and now wants to destroy X-Men and rule on earth.
  • His powers are magnetized to crush and make anything that has a magnet. The only professor can defeat him, but he wears a telepathy-proof helmet to counter it. So the professor can’t go into his mind.
  • Emma Frost: Speaking of Ms. Frost, it takes a few episodes for the White Queen to get elevated to a lead hero. But they do a really good job with her character once she’s introduced. Her diamond form is really one of the best you can see, and she is also a member of the Inner circle.

X-Men: Pryde Of The X-Men (1989)

X-MEN and pryde of the x-men series aired in 1989 as it was the first x-men animated series to air. The X-Men story is basically about mutants humans who have a superpower and are divided into two.

This was the first episode of an animated series. Unfortunately, that never got off the ground owing to Marvel’s financial problems at the time, which is hard to imagine given their current financial state.

As the team’s newest member, Kitty Pryde, AKA Shadowcat. It would have been the center of Pryde Of The X-Men, thus the pun-filled title.

It wasn’t a horrible pilot, and it may have led to something fantastic. Pitting Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, Cyclops, Storm, and Dazzlore against Magneto and Pyro from the animated series.

Unfortunately, viewers were only treated to one episode. But don’t worry; it was the seeds of a far more exquisite flower.

X-Men (1992)

Whereas most Marvel fans think of a cartoon movie about the X-Men, or even just the phrase X-Men. They think of this show. It was the start of the animated Marvel world, which lasted from the late 1980s through the late 1990s and featured Spider-Man. The Incredible Hulk and the often-overlooked Iron Man series.

With innovative content that was ahead of its time, respect for the characters, and magnificent animation. And just a piece of theme music that will never leave one’s mind for the rest of their life. So it’s simple to understand why this show lasted so long. Unfortunately, X-Men is still being binge-watched today on several platforms.

X-Men: Evolution (2003)

The four-season X-Men Evolution was more faithful to the visual and atmospheric tones of the popular X-Men films at the time. It succeeded in emphasizing characters other than the two or three A-list X-Men. Such as Nightcrawler, Rogue, and Kitty Pryde, in addition to the two or three A-list X-Men.

While it never reached the same heights as the 1990s series, it did have enough fans to keep it on the air for a few years before being canceled. And it even gave birth to a renowned Marvel character.

Laura Kinney, a.k.a. X-23, was introduced in the series like DC’s Harley Quinn was. She went on to become a comic book character and eventually a significant part in Logan, which many believe to be the finest X-Men film.

Wolverine And The X-Men (2009)

Despite the fact that X-Men Evolution was canceled despite plans for a fifth season, there was a silver lining. The same production crew went on to create Wolverine And The X-Men on Nickelodeon, but the thing is, there are many ads come between while watching the video. 

In this episode, the X-Men were shown in a darker and more adult light. With several of the X-most Men’s prominent characters dead or retired and mutants being hunted down by the Mutant Response Division and its Sentinels, Wolverine must reassemble the team and take over as their new leader.

It was effectively an X-Men version of Watchmen, but for the entire family, which led to the show’s first season received a lot of accolades. Unfortunately, Paramount’s connection with the latter was terminated due to Disney’s acquisition of Marvel properties.

The planned Age Of Apocalypse story was postponed after Wolverine And The X-Men was canceled after one season.

Marvel Anime: X-Men (2011)

The X-Men mini-series, which broadcast on G4 and followed the same format as Blade and Iron Man, received a limited audience.

There are twelve episodes of Marvel Anime: X-Men featuring a bereft team of X-Men as they investigated a strange case in Japan involving Armor, a mutant, and the U-Men. 

The U-Men were a militant group of humans that believed in than specimens’ ideologies in order to become physically superior by basically becoming Mutants.

U-Men group is the lunatic cult that steals mutant organs and transplants mutant organs to their own army to gain strength, and they are the bad guys.

The gang claimed that by stealing and transplanting mutant body parts through surgery, utilizing unethical genetic alteration operations, including injecting mutant blood transfusions and X-hormone mutagens into its members, the Third Species, humans with mutant powers, would be created.

It is recommended for fans of both anime and Marvel since it has superb animation and a heavy concentration on the X-Men property.

X-MEN: Wolverine (2011)

Logan travels to Japan only to become embroiled in yet another deadly assignment, as shown in the 2013 film The Wolverine and the Marvel Comics Wolverine by Chris Claremont. Despite the fact that Hugh Jackman’s film was mostly a loose adaptation, the anime sticks much closer to the source.

With Milo Ventimiglia supplying Logan’s voice and the same excellent animation used for the previous Marvel Animation mini-series from Madhouse, Marvel Anime Wolverine was dark, brutal, and by far the best anime experience for Marvel fans. 

Since then, no animated X-Men series has been produced. However, there are whispers that the ’90s X-Men series may be revived.

But as we all know, there will be no Wolverine anime series or movies about him after his death in the latest movie.

So Marvel Films decided that they didn’t want anyone else to be Wolverine. Because huge jackmen wanted to end the saga of his character Marvel decided to make Wolverine die.

The Return 24m When a young girl named Hisako Ichiki goes missing in northern Japan, her parents seek help from Professor Xavier, who calls on the X-Men to unite

Many external links are connected to the X-mens series. For example, you can even get a DVD or watch it on TV. If you don’t know, let me tell you another thing, X-Men also has a manga.

Overall if you want to watch an exciting fight between villains and superheroes, then X-men will do the thing for you.

Final say

So do watch this anime series because marvel studio and there is a say that a Canada-based studio will feature the X-Men series on Netflix. Soon, you will see the X-men series aired on Netflix and Jamie Simone as voice director, casting director, and reversion producer for the English version.

Hope you love it and hope you will enjoy the series, one of the best classic anime tv series ever.

Other superheroes such as Rogue, Colossus, Angel, Iron Man, Captain Britain, and Deadpool make cameo appearances in many episodes.


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