Best Orange-Haired Anime Characters & his Personality Type

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Pain Naruto-Shippuden

Pain has an MBTI Personality Type in the early stage of the series, but his personality changes to INTJ in the future.

Itsuka Kendo-My hero academia

She is a spirited girl and disciplined toward her classmates, making sure to lead them well.


At a small age, she was a short temper, a stubborn temperament, and little patience, but as she gradually showed herself to be kind and sensible.

Emma-The Promised Neverland

She has a natural penchant for helping others and a desire to be a good person. Her personality type is ENFJ.

Shirley Fenette-Code Geass

She is cheerful, caring, highly intelligent, outgoing, extroverted, and in love with Lelouch.

Finnian-Black Butler

He is a 16-year-old boy with sandy hair as a gardener of Phantomhive mansion.

Nishiki Nishio-Tokyo Ghoul

He has an ESTJ Personality Type. He was a hard-working and genius student. 

Nami-One Piece

She is rude, orders everyone around, and has a bossy nature, even though she isn't the captain.